Translator convicted of espionage for revealing Russian interference in favor of Trump

“I’m not a traitor, I’m not a spy.” Reality winner takes aim straight at her interlocutor on iconic US television program 60 minutes, He has just come out of prison after serving four out of five years of his sentence.

case of this A woman who joined the Air Force at the age of 19 created a huge controversy in American society., Reality, who participated in covert operations as a military linguist because he mastered Farsi, Dari and Pashtun – languages ​​inhabited by Afghanistan and Iran – worked for the US National Security Agency (NSA) when he anonymously filtered classified material and 2016 US lectures on Russian hacker interference.

The moment the reality winner is questioned by the authorities.

Which document did you get and how did it happen? While working for Pluribus International Corporation, contracted by the NSA, Reality had access to intelligible material or what we know top secret,

In May 2017, Trump was already ruling, but investigations were ongoing related to possible Russian interference in the presidential election won by the Republican businessman.

His charge amid controversy over the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey InvestigationIn reality a classified report surfaced, recognizing the failed tests that, prior to the suffrage celebration, Russian military intelligence had cyberattacked at least one important provider of voting software in what appeared to be apparent interference in the US presidential elections.

The fact is, how was it possible that the Casa Blanca ignored such an important document? So he printed the report, hid it between his underwear to get it out of the building, and proceeded to mail it to headquarters. Intercept.

About the veteran, who is 31 years old today, received an unprecedented sentence, I was sentenced to five years in federal prison, the longest sentence ever given for a similar offense, The Su Sonado case coincides with Donald Trump’s arrival at the Casa Blanca, so it’s not surprising that they still follow the same questions of the past in the air.

In the movie realityWritten and directed by Tina Sater, with Sidney Sweeney (from the series). Excitement or white lotus) explains the reality winner, collects the day FBI agents arrived at his home in Augusta (Georgia). She returned to reality shopping on June 3, 2017, and no one imagined she would survive this long with something like Terror.

arrest history

Tina Sater looks back on the moment Reality Winners was a news show. At the Berlinale the director said, “Nadi could understand what had happened, nor why it had happened.” “Nobody understood how it happened and the circumstances of his capture, which led to an aura of strangeness and magnetism that surrounded him”.

A verbatim transcription of what was said between Winner and the FBI agents that afternoon in Augusta first took the form of a skit, is this a room (2019), to be made into a film reality (filmin), premiered at the recent edition of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Tina Sater says that since she read the transcription, she thought it was a thriller, on paper the text was so vivid that “you could almost see the face of reality between the lines in that situation when two agents were interrogating her in that little spare room of her house”.

Willing to Ponder the Life of a Young Veteran of the Air Force Through the Sater Details“Such as his Converse stripes, the quilt on his bed, his car with very special bumpers, his pets, his home decorations, and even the pink AR-15 he had, the only weapon he had”, commented the director in Berlin.

She disclosed the information since the reality winner in her field of work.

The surroundings, up to a simple point, and her furnishings were key to describing the character, personality, and life of a woman who was a yoga and CrossFit instructor in her spare time.

Actress Sydney Sweeney commented after the world premiere at the Berlinale, “We wanted to show an emotional and poignant moment that I had to go through.”

“I was impressed that it was a transcription, something I’d never done before. I’ve been involved in a lot of projects where I took some liberties with my words, but in this one I had to make sure I could do justice as I stayed faithful to his words.”

To interpret the ex-serviceman’s sincerity, Sydney begins a conversation with Reality, first by chatting, then by video conference. Through this contact, it was possible to study his gestures, his body language, which represented one of the great challenges of interpreting his extraordinary.

Despite the fact that Sweeney wants to keep the relationship with Reality private, the actress gives her personal impression. “This is a woman with so much spark, so much humour, I can’t believe it”, says the interpreter, “After talking with her the first few times, I read the transcription again and I can see more of her, of her humour, above all in the parts where she tries to lighten the atmosphere, to feel more comfortable in a difficult situation”.

dare to condemn

It’s no secret that the denunciations and leaks of classified documents followed a witchcraft spree during Donald Trump’s tenure. The entire burden of the law fell upon Queen Osaroen, who unveiled truths inspired by ideals such as freedom of expression or protection of citizens.

Tina Sater, who has examined Viner’s case in depth, cites the so-called Espionage Act, which dates back to 1917, a federal law that hasn’t been amended or modified today, making it not only draconian in its application, but completely endearing to the digital age.

For Tina, reality matters on a very different scale than Watergate or other deep valleys. “It’s about clarifying what information is relevant in our democracy”, he said, focusing on citizens’ right to know the truth. “in that sense reality Another important satellite of that constellation”.

As Trump is on the verge of being judged – no doubt, the espionage law will be invoked -, author and national security expert James Risen published an opinion piece asking why the reality winner’s act of courage should not be compared to Donald Trump’s criminal actions. “It’s just a selfish thief”, Risen su Columna concluded.

The winning family and the same reality have unconditionally supported Tina Sater’s work, from the theatrical version to the cinematographic version that made her story known, was the filmmaker’s answer.

The director and screenwriter said, “Reality is an incredible human being, what I did was inspired by his idealism, and I don’t think he was aware of all the problems his actions caused, including placing him in the middle of the political scene.”

Although the US Senate has issued a report saying that Viner performed a public service by leaking the NSA document, it is unclear whether Reality will enjoy his freedom again.

Tina Sater said, “For him, the big unanswered question is whether the president will someday grant him clemency.” “Reality will never have the full right of liberty in the United States of America without a presidential pardon”.


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