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Do you know the shocking cameo in Intrigue Network?

At the 49th edition of the Academy Awards in 1977, there was fierce controversy over the award for Best Supporting Actress. With names like Jodie Foster and Piper Laurie among the nominees in the category, the big winner not only took home the golden statue, but also set a record that still stands today.

Beatrice Strait only had 5 minutes and 2 seconds of screen time in Network, but that was enough to attract the attention of the Academy. Though brief, her performance as the helpless housewife Lewis Schumacher The film managed to highlight her – especially with the scene in which the actress delivers a monologue after finding out that she is being cheated on by her husband.

With the win, Beatrice moved into first place in the category of shortest-ever appearance to receive an Oscar, a position she holds to this day. Besides Strait, the list also includes names such as Anthony Hopkins, David Niven and Anne Hathaway.

What is the story of Intrigue Network?

Named in the BBC’s Top 100 American Films of All Time, the film follows the anchor Howard Beale (Peter Finch) who one day learns that he will be fired because of his show’s low ratings.

Live, Howard decided to announce that he would be leaving the station – and it didn’t stop there: He even warned that he would kill himself on national television the following week. With the journalist’s warning, the program gets a huge audience and of course, the channel decides to keep Beale.

From then on, he begins to adopt increasingly insane behavior in order to maintain his elevation, but eventually he must find a limit in his “mad prophet” persona.

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