They discover the asymptomatic’s secret weapon to defeat Covid-19.

As if we have special corps of soldiers prepared for fight and win the war against unknown enemy.

This first strike force of our defense knew how to defeat Covid-19, even when it was the new invader for our health.

The scientists say that similarities with aspects of the flu or influenza virus could be a key precursor. Continuing the comparison, the flu could be training camp against covid-19 for him 20% infected who acted like asymptomatic.

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The journal Nature has documented how the antibody system worked in “asymptomatic” coronavirus. (Photo: nature)

Fast Patrol Against an Unknown Enemy

It is necessary to go back a little to the terrible days of the pandemic in order to understand the importance of this revelation. As we learned the hard way how the coronavirus works, the first good news sparked a number of scientific studies.

Many people would get sick and for a short time – a week, ten days – would end up in intensive care and die. At the same time, others continued their normal lives without any inconvenience or problems. However, given the repeated control over PCR, those people “healthy“They were surprised: they were “asymptomatic” carriers of the disease.

They had no colds, no fevers, no chest pains, no breathing problems, nothing. Covid passed through them, leaving no obvious manifestations. The great question of scientists all over the world was because. What made one person get sick and die, and another not even know that he was a carrier of Covid?

The answer became known over time. An article in the journal Nature managed to give a complete explanation, which is very encouraging.

Humans have a very specialized defense mechanism against germs, viruses, bacteria, which basically works like this. Let us turn to the comparison with the war.

  • When the “enemy” enters the body, the first group of antibodies – like an armored guard – immediately goes into battle.
  • Depending on the type of aggression, mild disease, such a “patrol” group can eliminate the disease almost immediately.
  • If the enemy is strong, this first “battalion” of antibodies resists but is crushed.
  • Meanwhile, the immune system analyzes the invading army, identifies its weak points and develops a response of specific antibodies.
  • This “new army”, modeled after the aggressor, represents a key battle. If he succeeds, the person recovers completely.
  • These antibodies create “memory” in our body. Soldiers who become “reservists” to act in the event of a specific new invasion.

Throughout this process, scientists at the University of Southern California convincingly explained the value of “T cells“To keep the human body healthy despite the diseases it faces.

They realized the enormous value of these cells. Thanks to other viruses, such as the flu, they managed to find a way to “train” against completely unknown enemies. They did not need to know them, in the infectious process or disease, in order to learn how to defend themselves.

They have already been trained to defeat the unknown enemy. This is exactly what happened with Covid and the case with asymptomatic.

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T cells in asymptomatic They were ready to respond effectively to covid. (Photo: courtesy of Scielo)

Importance of T cells

at least 20% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 never got sick. In these cases, T cells have learned against the influenza virus how to prepare to fight the coronavirus. Therefore, the disease passed unnoticed by them. But these cells are doing something else. In the depths of their souls they keep the “memory” of covid.

Yes, if re-infection occurs or falls due to mutation, “command” cells “T“You already know how to act in order to restore a person’s health.

To test what they claim in a journal study “nature”studied 30,000 people who were bone marrow donors. They had to report any case of Covid that came up. 1,400 people were in this condition, more than 136 people were identified as asymptomatic patients.

To identify people with asymptomatic infections, the authors used a database of bone marrow donors and registered almost 30,000 people. Participants reported any positive tests for SARS-CoV-2 and any symptoms. Of the more than 1,400 participants who tested positive during the 15-month study, which took place before vaccines were widely available, 136 remained asymptomatic.

Thanks to “T” cells and their special variations, people are much better prepared to withstand the variations of the coronavirus.


Asymptomatic Covid patients only learned they were carriers when they underwent a PCR test. They were protected by T cells. (Photo: TV capture)

HLA-B, the key to the immune system

This is a specific protein found on the surface of leukocytes. It is an antigen (HLA-B27 and others such as B15) that helps the body in antibody production.

In the context of the pandemic, it was observed that asymptomatic infected who later received a vaccination plan had a very high immune circuitry against covid, much more than those who received the vaccine while being healthy.

T cells have deposited this memory system into the bone marrow, ready to act in a new emergency. They were better prepared to take action against the invaders, even in the face of virus mutations.

immune system.jpg

T cells leave a memory in the bone marrow to act against future infections. (Photo: courtesy of Scielo)

immune cells remember

Since the appearance of Covid was something unknown to the human body, the immune system defense bank did not contain the corresponding weapon. But those who were asymptomatic had this particular look “T cells“. Again, how to have elite body for protection. They knew in advance how to defeat an enemy they had never seen before.

In addition, they left a memory bank in the bone marrow for future infections.

The coronavirus uses a “thorn” to get into a healthy cell and spit out its infectious contents. T cells in asymptomatic patients were ready to act against this surge and prevent healthy cells from being infected.

Therein lies the hope that this work conveys for the future. This special ability of T cells, as accurate snipers against unknown enemies, could be the key to boosting immunity to COVID, new variants, or even other types of coronavirus.

With vaccines messenger RNA, change through genetic engineering will greatly facilitate the adaptation of vaccines to new mutations. Continuing the comparison of this note, It will be like adding these elite battalions to the body as soon as they are needed.

Giving them with a vaccine an element that asymptomatic people have already demonstrated themselves.

Scientists believe the results could help develop next-generation COVID vaccines that not only control disease severity but also prevent symptoms.

And from this advancement to make fundamental improvements in the long-awaited search for a cure for diseases such as cancer. It would be like “closing the circle”: RNA-matrix vaccines are being developed in search of a solution against cancer. In the face of the pandemic, they have been used with success that we can all enjoy today in the face of covid.

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