The young man in the video admitted that he was suffering from a very serious illness.

“Carlos”, the protagonist of an intimate video leaked from one of the Airway cabins, admitted that he had a very serious illness, identified since October 2022, and he planned to have an operation, but after the video was leaked, he was left without a job and now will not be able to do it. At work, he was threatened and forced to sign a letter of resignation.

“When I lose my job, they make it impossible for me to have the surgery as scheduled by Social Security.” he said in a video by his lawyer Pavlov Rodriguez.

Two were left without work after the distribution of pictures, and “Tatiana” had to abandon her scientific activities, she suffers from anxiety and depression. On the other hand, they have also become victims of identity theft, as there are people who profit from this case and ask for money to supposedly help their son.

False news about the girl’s death was even circulated, a psychological damage that affects not only them, but their entire family. Tatyana receives silly and annoying messages offering her money in exchange for sexual favors. You felt persecuted by neighbors and acquaintances.

Legal actions

The couple’s lawyer assured that legal action was being taken against Aerovía and the workers who operated the cameras. “In addition, we will file a constitutional lawsuit against the company that fraudulently used this fact to ask my client to resign,” Rodriguez explained.

Penalty for distributing intimate video without permission

At the same time, there is no article in the Uniform Organic Criminal Code (COIC) that punishes sexual relations in public places, so this is not considered a crime. However, distributing video from a company’s surveillance camera without permission is punishable as violation of privacy.

He crime of breach of privacy It is enshrined in Article 178 of the COIP and is punishable by imprisonment for a term of one to three years.

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