Taylor Swift fans decided to organize their own delayed flight show and the video went viral. trending

The show never ends! On a delayed flight from Denver to Salt Lake City last Saturday, a group of Taylor Swift fans gathered to hold a mini-concert as they waited for the plane on the tarmac.

According to associated PressOne of the flight attendants reported that a little girl on the plane had left the singer’s concert and looked tired, so they decided to continue with the show.

“We saw a young lady who looked very upset and learned that she had just come from a Taylor Swift concert,” the flight attendant said. AP, “So we asked her what the opening song was and decided to play some of Swift’s hits” — until several of the singer’s fans joined the mission!

Lighting up the cabin with their phone’s flashlights and belting out lyrics to some of Taylor Swift’s hits set the crowd in a jubilant mood — and revealed several Swifties aboard the flight.

A video of the scene quickly went viral on TikTok 2 million views, Watch:

As she sang Swift’s fan-favorite “Love Story,” passengers waved and smiled from their seats, not missing a beat. After watching the one-minute video of the flight posted on TikTok, some fans wrote in about wanting to be on the plane.

One user commented, “I wish I was on that plane.” “Love everything about it!” another person wrote. “This is epic,” said another netizen.

The flight attendant reportedly said that, suddenly at the end of the show, the troubled little girl, along with the rest of the crew, seemed more upbeat. The person who filmed the TikTok video pointed out that some passengers even exchanged friendship bracelets, a fact now commonplace among fans at Taylor Swift concerts. When asked about the friendship bracelets on the plane, he wrote, “I traded some with the people around me.” Too much!

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