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the situation is still tense Jamie Lynn and Britney Spearsbreak up with your sisterEventually, the priest of the “Princesa del Pop” took over her guardianship for several years, and she was supported by the former Nickelodeon star.

So we tell you how the relationship of the sisters is at present.

Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears have always been very close

It should be noted that when Jamie starred in the series “Zoe 101”, Britney has always shown her support; Some fans even pointed out that the singer helped her sister get the role.

Let’s remember when the Nickelodeon production started airing, The singer was one of the biggest stars in the music industry.

Jamie reads with his back to his sister

When the cast’s father, James Spears, got custody of the “Princess of Pop,” Despite his sister’s suffering, Jamie shows affection towards his parents.

Meanwhile, Britney’s decision to regain her independence developed, with the singer making it clear that the relationship with her sister had already broken down after she witnessed the ill-treatment meted out to her, and never did anything about it.

The star’s announcements provoked fans to launch themselves against the “Zoe 101” protagonist.

currently, Jamie is apologizing to his sister, but she refuses, I can never stand by her side in her bad times.

britney spears enjoying her freedom

The singer is enjoying her relationship with Sam Asghari, With those who had been married the year before, and even though they had lost a son, they decided to leave prematurely.

On his Instagram account, he interacts very well with his fans, who have been following him for quite some time now.

In addition, he decided to resume his career as a singer, and he has already launched several new Sensillos, while he is preparing more.

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