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yes as co-star of sea Taylor Swift about the landscape or already among the public enjoying the sea like another, it is certain that what Eras Tour One of the most beautiful fashion girls in the world has become. A circumstance that has turned it into an inexhaustible source of news before the parade of famous faces at its concerts.

The US interpreter had to cancel her previous world tour due to the pandemic and on this occasion she decided to leave home and travel around the world. And we’re not just talking about the finale. Because the most important thing about each show is the artist disc after disc racking up the best reviews of their entire musical career.

And this is something that many famous faces are enjoying. The last people to join his recent show are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. And the news isn’t just that other VIPs have added themselves to the extensive list of celebrities who have passed through The Eras Tour. There is also news that both of them were enjoying the music of Interpreter together.

Over the past few weeks, both the actors have been in news for making a public appearance together after a gap of sometime. They were a fashion couple and very few people understood the breakup apart from other things because they never revealed the reason… But it seems that their chemistry has rekindled and started enjoying being together. or Les Viem en Coachella y Ehora en el Concerto de Taylor Swift en Nueva Jersey.

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Lacking the official Hagen which is already a reality witnessed by the whole world, Shawn and Camilla put on the famous faces of the show. They join the cast who have already enjoyed Taylor as the public Emma Stone, Shania Twain, Haim, Laura Dern, Diplo, Cara Delevigne, Ethan Hawke, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence,

And to add to the crowd, Taylor Swift herself has come on stage as a VIP guest to share a snippet of her new world tour with them. has been one of the most recent Marcus Mumfordthe leader and singer of Mumford and Sons, who traveled to Las Vegas to play with them. A path also adopted by Ice Spice, who recently collaborated with musician and producer Aaron Dessner.

But the name that could not disappear and that was present at the first concerts to know what the American soloist was capable of Selena Gomez, Their relationship goes beyond friendship, as if they were sisters, and it was a huge support from one of her first direct reports.

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