Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello teach us how to wear the gym look around town

reconciliation between shawn mendes or Camila Cabello Has attracted the attention of Amarlist holders. Therefore, it is not surprising that paparazzi photographs are taken in very routine situations, such as on the way gym Or taking a turn around town. But within all these speculations and photographic records, we managed to catch one peculiarity and that is about organizations for such occasions.

if ok i don’t mind outfit In between or at least, they don’t attempt to be, they offer a simplicity that we can all feel identified with, because when we’re ready to roll around the corner on any given weekend morning, the only thing we want is to feel comfortable, free, without pressure or false standards of style, a goal very few people achieve. So, Camilla and Sean give us some interesting sports lessons.

what can we learn from their past looks like,

1. Color Black

will be the first color, with black as their main protagonist organizations, And this color has many advantages, the first and most obvious result is that it hides well all the flaws of a white screen or light colors. For example, sweat stains, so the black color prevents the screen’s wetness from showing up and, subsequently, its natural markings.

For the lower part, the black color remains appropriate, already in one Shorts Pantalones, this dark color will avoid seeing earth marks if we do sports in open air or on any surface which may leave us a little stain on the garment.

2. Convenience

On the other hand, Shawn and Camilla prefer “worn-out” and Holgada clothing when leaving for the City of Behavior, where they jeans They are an invariable part of their group. In Sean’s case, a short top It is your best ally to match the cowboy, like a small backpack on the back, an accessory that, in addition to being functional, gives you a carefree air and a bit collegiate.

3. Functionality

Well, in this rainy season, a small backpack comes in handy, because you can keep a waterproof or waterproof bag in it. So, it is a good time to remember that, when summer arrives and you feel the pleasant warmth with anticipation, it is very likely that it will rain during the daylight hours.

Ale vintage athleisure it’s style that can define them looks like Sold by Camilla and Sean when they go to practice sports. And you don’t really “bow your head”, you just follow your needs and the intention to choose the natural within them.

In this sense, both are characterized by conveying a message that advocates a lifestyle as simple as possible, engaging in various forms of meditation or being in touch with their surroundings, a question reflected in their clothing.

Also, we must point out that separately, the two celebrities’ styles have always been similar to what they used together, which is probably why they seem so combined when it comes to dressing up. In this way, yes, the combination in pairs is not innovative at all, Shawn and Camila preserve this tradition, but in their own style, even though it is cherished and renewed with the essence of each.

This summer feel safe wearing what you feel best in, love comfort with dark colored clothes.

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