Russian man pierces his skull to control his dreams. news from mexico

Russia. , a 40 year old russian man An aging man, who is also a researcher, surprises both himself and strangers by undergoing a rather delicate surgery with the intention of being able to control his dreams.

el hombre, se lamar Michael Raduga And he didn’t have the slightest knowledge of neurosurgery or medicine in general, although he intended to implant an electrode to manage his sleep, through electrical stimulation.

According to what he himself reports from his Instagram account, his aim in carrying out this ‘experiment’ was to place an implant to enable more lucid dreaming. For that reason, it incredibly managed to survive the implantation of an electrode (a metal rod).

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The man told how a chisel was bought from a blacksmith’s shop so that a part of the skull could be pierced. Asimismo lost only about a liter of blood after the electrode was introduced with the same design.

‘¿El precio de este avance? In our case, such a fundamental study can only be done by going against all predictions and making mistakes. To avoid years of bureaucracy, implants were implanted in my brain. Two neurosurgeons. I was on the verge of death several times. Five weeks with strong antibiotics. six months work. Big expenses and losses. ‘Consequences for the health of all lives’wrote.

Other than that, I am happy with the result and everything I had planned turned out as per my expectation.

‘I made this trip very thoughtfully and that’s why I am happy with the result. So keep an eye on the news. I say

On the other hand, I explained like this, This process was done from the living room of your home, without the necessary equipment And one that was necessary for an intervention of that magnitude. it also ensures I have been watching youtube videos about neurosurgery for hours and putting it into practice with Ovejas.

Eventually, El Hombre confessed pretended to be able to control his Sueños as the persona of Leonardo Dicaprio In the movie “El Origen”. For that reason, five weeks after being punctured, a medical group removed the brain implant.

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