“Radical change” is a counter-reform of health care that rejects the reform proposed by the government.

Cambio’s radical party will present a counter-reform of health care in response to a government proposal that they reject. File/Info.

Match Cambio Radical resubmitted the health care reform proposal to Congress. in the new legislature, which began on 20 July. Senator David Lunaat a press conference in National Capitol, He explained that the main purpose of this initiative is to consider the Government’s proposal.

Medical reform was presented as Statute Law of the Radical Cambio Party, discussion is expected to begin in the Senate First Committee.

Senator Moon one of the leading congressmen of the initiative, He stressed that they had already made a similar proposal in the previous period, but, unfortunately, it had not been properly processed. So they decided to renew it in this new legislature.

Meanwhile, the government’s health reform initiative is still in its second discussion stage; the government must make an effort to get the necessary majority again if you want to approve your reforms.

“The Radical Party of Cambio, together with his Benches of the Senate and the House of Representatives, represents today health care reform through statutory law. We did it in the previous period, and, unfortunately, at none of these moments the appropriate procedure was given, so today we did it again,” the head of state said. Senator David Luna.

“We hope that it can be discussed widely, as it unfortunately happened in the chamber at previous meetings, where it was practically not even discussed,” Luna said.

The project is based on five main points as the senator explained. First, look for EPS continues to be an important part of the healthcare system.but greater efficiency is required in the care of citizens in need of treatment.

“Administrator Mr. Resources of the General Social Security System add example en Salud will be the organization that will transfer 90% of the resources intended to pay for medical services on behalf of the insurance companies,” reads the draft bill proposal for sweeping changes.

reference image. The Radical Change Party proposes a different health bill than the one President Petr proposes to the new legislature.

Secondly, the purpose of the standard ensure that the primary health care system cover all municipalities of the country. Thirdly, the party proposed the establishment of a social welfare board as the governing body of this policy and thus Avoid politicizing user health concerns.

The fourth paragraph of the proposal is aimed at working with medical universities in the implementation audits and will be awarded Health surveillance greater ability to act on necessary issues.

Luna stressed that Cambio’s Radical Party emphasized that the opposition seeks to fix the system without causing harmbecause they recognize the need for change. In addition, he stressed that for the third time they are asking Congress to have an adequate discussion of this proposal and the government, that he is keeping his promise to engage in dialogue with those who have a different opinion.

On the other hand, the senator noted that points of agreement with the governmentbut also significant differences, he expressed the hope that a consensus could be reached for the benefit of patients, users and doctors.

On the contrary, he criticized the government’s proposal, saying that they are trying to “go back 30 years to a kind of welfare institution that failed because it was ineffective, and secondly, because it was corrupt”, in the opinion of the senator, the Radical Change party is convinced that health should not be nationalized, instead they advocate mixed model.

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