‘Oppenheimer’ Explains the Ending, Christopher Nolan’s Most Disturbing Film Ever

Christopher Nolan compare the end of oppenheimer With one of his most acclaimed films, Original, no matter how strange it is: while Original It’s a twisted science fiction film, oppenheimer it is a wide biopic three hours devoted to J Robert OppenheimerIs considered the father of the atomic bomb. ,oppenheimer Near a complicated ending, Complicated Feelings”, says Nolan about the film that just released and stars cillian murphy,

OriginalRemember, there was a happy ending for Dom Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio), if in the last few seconds he established the suspicion that the personality had not been released into the dream world, doubts arose as to whether this was reality. “Can anyone? nihilistic view From that end, however Cobb on the other hand has moved on and is with his kids. Vagueness is not emotional. so an intellectual ambiguity For the masses”, says Nolan. this is the ambiguity you want to practice oppenheimer Al Rai.

Regarding this film, Nolan has also assured that “some people just destroy it”. be shattered, The film asks what was I behind the bomb launch Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of it second World War, and how Oppenheimer feels about it. Since they’re all real characters, there shouldn’t be any ambiguity, so let’s see what Nolan is referring to.

What does ‘Oppenheimer’ mean

oppenheimer It splits into two temporal lines, much to Nolan’s liking. In addition, the style Memento, we have one in white and black and another in color. Reimagining this in a big way, the color portion relates to Murphy’s character’s experiences that he experienced directly before in the United States. decided to bomb Japan. The White and Black portion is set later, though not exactly linearly, and describes both the immediate reactions to the massacre and an infamous operation against Oppenheimer.


The operation is based on its ties to the Scientific Communist past and supporters of the movement, as well as the suspicion that Hubo un Espia de la the Soviet Union infiltrated project manhattan, On the other hand, and this is something we discover at the end of the film, it turns out that the main driver of the campaign Louise Straussby playing Robert Downey Jr, The first thing we took for granted about Strauss was that he was the one who appointed Oppenheimer as Professor of Physics Princeton Institute for Advanced StudyCon lo que el Giro holds many surprises.

Einstein and Oppenheimer meet in Nolan's new film
Einstein and Oppenheimer meet in Nolan’s new film

What does Strauss have against the priest of the atomic bomb, who was hired by him in the late 40s and is a national legend? We get an idea of ​​it in the first few minutes of the film: Oppenheimer’s second arrival at Princeton is suddenly revealed Albert Einstein (embodied by Tom Conti), and interacted on campus. Strauss assists in a part of the conversation from the side, without listening to him. When he goes to salute, Einstein leaves without saying a word to Strauss.

Let Downey Jr.’s character assume that Oppenheimer has said something wrong, causing Einstein to suddenly dislike him. This pains him, and his hatred of Oppenheimer consolidates in a public humiliation that, when first detailed, is believed by Strauss not to have taken himself seriously. But some time later, in 1953, he managed to accuse Oppenheimer of being a communist within the framework of the witches’ house. senator mccarthy,

This witch hunt manages to revoke Oppenheimer’s security clearance and testify under his name. Nor does Strauss seem to have gotten past this campaign very well, but what matters now is towards the end, when it is revealed to us that everything was part of his plan to get revenge on Oppenheimer, what he said to Einstein, whose personality rami malek He proposes an unsettling possibility: What if Oppenheimer and Einstein weren’t talking about that day at Princeton? Is Strauss not as important as it is supposed to be?

photo of Oppenheimer
photo of Oppenheimer

What can we conclude from the end of ‘Oppenheimer’

So we go back to the conversation between Oppenheimer and Einstein, and we hear the end of what was being said. If you remember us when, it went into the making of the bomb los alamos, Oppenheimer found a troubling possibility with his device: that the artifact could generate enough heat to spark a massive reaction and ignite the atmosphere if it exploded. If so, what they were developing could completely destroy the world, and Oppenheimer went to the renowned physicist to ask for advice.

Einstein concluded that this was a very remote possibility, so Proecto Manhattan went ahead. Jump to post-World War II time: Oppenheimer is already “La Muerte, El Destructor de Mundos”, and tries to pretend in front of the media that he does not feel extreme guilt for what happened. Racien Nombrado, the professor, talks to this distinguished man, and he asks if he remembers the time he asked about the possible consequences of the bomb.


They agreed that it was unlikely that the bomb would destroy the world, but then Oppenheimer asks “Are you despuez despuez de todo at the last minute right now?”, oppenheimer It then concludes with a harrowing montage of nuclear explosions seen from the atmosphere, reiterating Oppenheimer’s inner anguish and his suspicion that he has condemned humanity. so here we go back there “intellectual obscurity” what result does nolan talk about Original, Oppenheimer believes that his bomb has brought about the apocalypse.

I think we are full of exaggeration. It’s a very encouraging ending because oppenheimer And Nolan offers us to reflect on the consequences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and to help build decades of nuclear fear and the Cold War around this reflection: the evolution of the United States, the transformation of the Soviet Union into Russia, and also the possible long-term effects of this global continent. NATO And current conflicts are also marked by polarization on the geopolitical map.

el day oppenheimer It’s an open end to interpretations, pews, but these interpretations are inseparable from our troubled present.

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