“Nine Strangers” will have a second season with Nicole Kidman

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American platform Hulu has officially renewed the so-so miniseries “Nine Perfect Strangers” for a second season. With its debut in 2021, the production broke viewership records, becoming the most watched series on streaming.

The new episode will feature the return of Nicole Kidman as protagonist and executive producer, who will play her new clients, in addition to several new characters.

New cast members will join veteran Swedish star Liv Ullmann (“Autumn Sonata”), Emmy winner Murray Bartlett (“The White Lotus”), Dolly de Leon (“Triangle of Sorrows”), Maisie Richardson-Sellers (“Legends of Tomorrow”) and Turkey’s Aras Aydin (“Two Types of People”). The details of their roles have not been revealed yet.

produced by the same producer of Big Little Lies

Based on the eponymous work of Liane Moriarty, the series explored themes such as spiritual retreat, mentors, and mental health in the first season. Production is by David E. Kelly, who was also responsible for the HBO adaptation of another Moriarty book: “Big Little Lies”, which also starred Nicole Kidman.

The story follows nine people who, in search of a change in their lives and health, decide to spend ten days in a spa, away from civilization, without cars or cell phones. Faced with unusual circumstances, they begin to question the extent to which they should surrender to what is expected of them, creating an atmosphere of tension and suspense in the distant place.

Nicole Kidman plays the spa owner, who starred in season 1 Melissa McCarthy (“Thunder Squad”), Michael Shannon (“The Shape of Water”), Regina Hall (“Girls Trip”), Samara Weaving (“Bloody Wedding”), Luke Evans (“Fast & Furious 6”), Bobby Cannavale (“The Irishman”), Tiffany Boone (“Hunters”), Manny Jacinto (“The Good Place”), Melvin Gregg (“This USA vs. Billie Holiday”) Had played , Asher Kenedy (“Zero State”) and Grace Van Patten (“The Meyerowitz: A Family Is Not Chosen”).

In Brazil, the first season of “Nove Desconhecidos” was released by Amazon Prime Video.

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