New Far Cry 7 Details Revealed After Months When Nothing Was Known: Know Everything New

We haven’t heard anything about the alleged Far Cry 7 for months now, but some very interesting new details have surfaced.

It seems incredible to think that Far Cry 6 was released 6 years ago, a game that, to be honest, I liked much more than the first one. Since the beginning of 2023, or rather January, we have had news of a new video game in the saga, hypothetical Far Cry 7. From then until today, 7 months have passed (what a coincidence) without I know absolutely nothing about the game developed by Ubisoft.

Apparently, we already have new details about the game, although one thing needs to be clarified, because. Ubisoft hasn’t revealed anything about the new game yet.. These are just leaks that appear to have been pushed a little too far.

If you saw the news a few months ago, you should know that this game is right now. is under development codenamed Project Blackbird and that it will be installed in desert alaska. But thanks to this new leak, we know that some things have changed, so we’re getting all the new details that are very interesting.

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Learn new details of Far Cry 7

  • This new information comes from Reddit, although it comes from hails from 4chan. 👈
  • Now thanks to this leak new details of the game Far Cry 7 became known. 🤩
  • Apparently the setting is finally It won’t be in the wilderness of Alaska, this was one of the major changes. ❌
  • All new details:
    • The game will no longer be numbered, that is, the number 7 will not be in the title.. ❌
    • It will now be renamed: Far Cry Rise.. ❗❗
    • The new setting will now be on a fictional island in the yellow sea next to Korea.. ✅
    • You can play the campaign mode cooperatively, as usual in the saga.. ✅
    • It will be a huge open world and we will be able to play a campaign with up to 4 people in co-op..
    • Far Cry Rise will be released with a new experience called Far Cry: Conquest.. 😲
    • This new mode will be an extraction mode focused mainly on storytelling where we will have to face another 90 players. The goal will be to escape from the island with valuable items.. 🤔
    • Players will be able to choose their strategies in this new Sandbox mode.. 🤨
    • There will be both machine-controlled enemies and real players.. 👀
    • The main idea is to grab as much loot as possible and escape the island without dying.. ❗

The amount of information about this new part is incredible, but you should take it with a grain of salt because we don’t know if it will finally be so. We have already seen that the setting has completely changed, so be very careful.

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