Netflix’s psychological thriller footage of disturbing events with Amanda Seyfried

voices and figures is a psychological thriller film releasing in 2021 starring the talented actress Amanda Seyfried,

With a dark atmosphere and full of mysteries, the film enthralls the audience by exploring the disturbing secrets and supernatural occurrences that haunt a couple in a new home.

With surprising twists and compelling performances, voices and figures Provides an exciting and thrilling cinematic experience.

the film voices and figures It follows the story of a young couple, Catherine and George, who move to a small town in search of peace.

However, they soon discover dark secrets surrounding the house and the local residents in which they live.

continues even after the announcement

As strange and disturbing events begin to unfold around her, Katherine finds herself engulfed in a web of mystery and paranoia, and questions her own sanity.

He needs to uncover the truth behind the figures that torment him, before it’s too late.

The film featured talented people Amanda Seyfried In the role of Catherine, delivering an intense and captivating performance.

Besides him, the cast also includes other actors such as:

  • james norton as George Claire
  • Natalia Dyer as Willis Howell
  • Alex Neustadter as Eddie Vale
  • Rhea Seehorn as Justin Sokolov
  • Michael O’Keeffe as Travis Lawton

it’s worth seeing?

If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers and appreciate surprising twists, voices and figures Definitely worth a look.

The film manages to maintain a tense atmosphere from start to finish, keeping the audience interested and hooked to the story.

Display of Amanda Seyfried She stands out, clearly expressing her character’s emotions and vulnerabilities.

Get ready to embark on a sinister journey full of mystery and suspense.


  • The film is based on the novel all things disappearwritten by Elizabeth Brundage,
  • During filming, the crew had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought additional challenges to the production.

critical consensus

voices and figures received generally positive reviews from critics.

In addition to its impressive performances, it was praised for its dark and haunting atmosphere. Amanda Seyfried,

The film was considered to be an effective psychological thriller with clever twists and turns and an interesting storyline.

voices and figures is a film that immerses the audience in a world of mystery and suspense.

With an engaging plot and impressive performances Amanda SeyfriedThe movie keeps the audience glued to their seats, eager to know the dark secrets attached to the story.

If you’re looking for an engrossing and disturbing psychological thriller, voices and figures This is a recommended option.

Gear up for a thrilling cinematic experience that will make you question the fine line between reality and the supernatural.

voices and figures available on Netflix,

watch Trailer:

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