Netflix reveals surprising results after restricting shared use of passwords

Netflix’s financial report finally revealed some details on how the implementation of the new rules is working on the platform streaming, At Mayo it was official that there would be restrictions on the shared use of user passwords.

This means that the platform now uses various tools to detect if any of its users are not respecting the use of four profiles with people living in the same household, as a result, all users who were away from the same household but were away from the same household will end up with the same account. The option is to add an additional member at an additional cost.

as reported to el universal For Children, this method, which had previously been calculated to be reflected in cancellations, delivered results for the company, which reported adding $5.9 million in net assets in the second quarter of the year.

“Earnings of $8,200 million and operating utilities of $1,800 million in the second quarter of 2023 were generally in line with our forecast, and we expect earnings growth to accelerate in the second half of 2023 as we begin to see all the benefits of shared usage paid for but continued growth. Continued in our promotional plan”.

The new measure was launched in more than 100 countries, representing more than 80% of its income, guaranteeing the highest level of guarantees in each territory today, with subscriptions surpassing the number of cancellations.

This benefited the company in the Wall Street market, which had already estimated that the value of shares poured in the first days of July rose from $438.63 to $481.28.

“Second quarter operating income totaled $1,080 million, up 16% from $600 million in the prior year quarter. Operating margin was 22% compared to 20% for the same quarter in 2022. Both were slightly above our forecast at the start of the quarter due to management of ongoing expenses, slower plant growth than anticipated and the timing of material expenditures”, the report details.

“Earnings per share were $3.29 in the second quarter, compared to $3.20 in the second quarter of 2022”, it added.

He assured that diversity is the key I used in the catalog to find one of the audience favorites and he threw in some data on his best shows, including celebrities like Adam Sandler, Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Lopez, who with their new film established themselves as one of the most popular movies ever on the platform.

“We started the quarter Murder Mystery 2, with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston (114.3 million visits in the first three months). i followed thriller Mother (starring Jennifer Lopez) in May, which spent six weeks at the top of our list of the 10 best weekly movies and has now become one of our most popular movies of all time with 131.6 million views.

We end the quarter on a successful note extraction 2Directed by Chris Hemsworth, which received 116.7 million views in 31 days.

With the results, from today the shared access scheme will be implemented in the rest of the countries where it was not implemented, including Indonesia, Croatia, Kenya and India, where additionally the option of an additional member will not be offered, as they maintain that they have recently cut prices.

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