Mismatched Nails: The Trend That Combines Much More Than Nail Design

in search of beauty inspection for your nails? we’ve gathered the best mismatched nail ideasA proposal that began to rise like foam on the nets, thanks to Hailey Bieber’s last manis, which presented everything in contrast to her nails clean and wondered at what we were used to seeing in him.

To give you an idea of ​​what they are about, let us say that they are full of many colours, textures and shapes, but further we will clear all your doubts in this regard. nail flow And we offer you the funniest offers to pick them up.

What are mismatched nails?

As its name suggests, this trend used on TikTok is not linked to any specific art, but rather bets on creativity for the sake of creation. a very beautiful gem painting Different design on each nail Which includes different patrons, arts and colors, which create harmony among themselves. Now we show you ideas you just can’t stop trying!

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The characteristic of las mismatched nails is that you are a creative person.

with animal pictures

Who in their right mind doesn’t love dogs or pandas? take advantage of the trend mismatched nails Mix and match solid enamels and shapes to add your favorite animal to your hand like a work of art.

Instagram @bagnells

Bet on a design like this one with your printed pet!

metallized in various colors

If there’s anything we love about 2023, it’s that it’s filled with lots of glitter and metallic colours, which have slowly taken over fashion and our people as well. beauty looks, for those who want to go there trend In the most minimalist version of this mani, we recommend playing with a different tone on each nail, but with all chrome finish,

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Metallic gems are always a good idea.

nails with flowers

Who said that only in spring we can have hands full of flowers? For this hot weather, Apuesta por hacerte unas nails with flowers In different colors both on the nail and on the background.

Instagram @bagnells

looking beautiful!

French manicure with vibrant colors

classic revolution French manicure keep on increasing and you can combine your power with their mismatched nails, As? Apply a different nail polish color to each tip and paint a streak underneath in a lighter or more contrasting tone.

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It’s a fun twist on the traditional Frenchie.

barbicore inspection

Continuing the conquering trends in 2023, a pink gem cannot be missing. bring flowers, pictures, flames, tables checkerboard and whatever you can think of to make them The most creative nails to watch the Barbie movie,

Instagram @pchannels

And glitter, at least on one nail, cannot be missing!

french game

To Usher in Summer Style, Enjoy With Base nude You painted two or three lines on different parts of your nail: it could be at the tip, at the cuticles or at the edges. The idea is to create a very original color frame.

Instagram @amberjhnels

Use more neutral colors if you want to implement this idea!

mermaidcore design

even the style mismatch Characterized by the fact that the design of one may not match the design of the other, it is certain that you can also inspire yourself in some trend to create your own style of gem. Our suggestion? hand full of colors siren texture And, why not, a touch of your zodiac sign!

Instagram @bagnells

In this case, turquoise color, color and brightness, are the idea!

nails with relief

It is also worth mixing different textures on your nails! mui en la tune de los manis korean, bet Reliefs with different shapes, 3D applications and gel modeling gang up look at nails Worth bragging about on the hammock.

Instagram @olynailsss

You choose how awesome you want your design!

Do you have any suggestion for this? mismatched nails What has won you over? it’s time to run to the salon so you nail artist Repeat this on your hands!

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