Life Style, Canal 12’s new offer, with Constanta Zapelli

The show airs on Sunday evenings. Together with Daniel Selva, they recommend carrying a healthy one for various activities. The moderator stressed the importance of physical activity.

Physical activity has important health, body and mind benefits. This is the premise of the new channel 12 program, Lifestyle, which airs on Sundays at 19:30 and is hosted by Constanza Zapelli and Daniel Selva. The new cycle suggests conscious physical activity accompanied by a good diet, hydration and, above all, motivation and positivity.

It is very important for me to make a program on the channel. The level that is there, those who work there, the production and the team, it is really a pleasure to work with them. We just had to do what we like, what we know, and do it cool to make it spectacular, ”he said. Zappelliin dialogue with channel

He stated that the implementation of this program is a dream come true. “Together with Dani Selva we want to convey to people the importance of sports for a healthy lifestyle. We invite our subscribers to shoot videos and get motivated,” he said.

Selva is a trainer and Zapelli is a personal trainer. The presenter recalled that during a pandemic sport was his engine, as every day brought joy and positive. “Learning requires a process. Changing your lifestyle is difficult, but possible. Therefore, a program that encourages physical activity gives me great pleasure,” he said.

He added that the program will have comprehensive health and wellness content. “I think Sunday at 7:30 pm is good, as it is the moment when people can be encouraged. There you can show it from your own home you can make moves that benefit them,” said.

They will provide information about sports, health and nutrition, while professionals will explain the topics.

Healthy food

Zapelli emphasized that the foundations of a healthy lifestyle are based on proper nutrition. For that reason, they will offer rich and healthy cuisine tips with “nutrition information to raise health awareness,” he said.

There is a lot of information For show“, promotion. He recommended, ideally, physical activity three times a week. “We want people to start copying us and move with us, we have a training project on Kostaner with viewers,” said the presenter.

From sports to television

Before the pandemic, I was an athlete, then I became more aware of the importance of food. Since I really liked training, I started to motivate people little by little, ”he clarified.

He also told how he strengthened his discipline in crossfitThen in fitness. “I always train hard, two and a half years ago I achieved a habit change and was able to participate in competitions, ” remembered.

Finally, the driver Lifestyle He conveyed the message to everyone: thank God when you get up, exercise and a lot of positivity can change your day. “Organization and having small goals help a lot. Playing sports is something that you can do at any time, ”he concluded.

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