Kim Kardashian somersaults in a bikini on the beach

Kim Kardashian delighted his fans with another impressive Instagram post. The reality TV star showed off her resilience by posting a slideshow of herself doing backflips on the beach.

Fun day Kim at the beach

The post, which has garnered more than 3.3 million likes, shows the 42-year-old mother of four wearing black bikini bottoms and a white T-shirt tied around her waist.

publication Kim it shows a very laid-back side of the influencer who is having fun on the sand without make-up. This is the second post in a row Kim seems to be on vacation on a tropical beach.

Kim’s Skims is valued at $4 billion

Bye Kim Kardashian She still does gymnastics on the beach, she’s doing great in the boardroom.

It was recently reported that his clothing company Skims received a $4 billion valuation after expanding into brick and mortar stores and adding a menswear department.

The latest talk in the business world is about when the company will go public.

With your brand so successful, it’s no wonder Kim be in a good mood!

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