His Xenovia is a ‘fanatic fan’ of Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner Credit: Bang Showbiz

Taylor Lautner Credit: Bang Showbiz

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift shared a brief but intense romance in 2009. As is customary with the Nashville diva, the interludes of their lost love story inspired several songs from her 2010 album Speak Now, which she recently re-released. With the launch of the new version of the album, the star of the music has published a new pun ‘Cruel Summer’, and has recruited her ex-boyfriend as the protagonist, indicating that Esperanza leads to a thousand miracles three years after breaking up.

Interestingly, last November, Taylor Lautner walked at the altar with another Taylor, in this case nicknamed Dom. The pair then wore a gold brooch for three years of a happy relationship, which is incomparable in terms of pictures and videos shared by the lovers on their respective Instagram profiles. Now, the 31-year-old artist has focused on the idea at her own pace via podcast ‘The Squeeze’, making it clear that his flamboyant wife, no longer feeling any hatred towards Swift, or the new friendship that exists between the former lovers, is happy with the same bond.

More to the point, 26-year-old nurse Taylor Dom is a “hardcore fan” of the singer-songwriter, which no doubt tipped off the presence of tension in the wedding scene. “On paper it may sound like a difficult situation, but the truth is that it has never worried me. We are very confident in our relationship. Tay (Dom) is the most calm and cool person in the world. And besides, she is a die-hard fan of that persona (Swift). And she (Swift) is the sweetest person on earth, who can decide that this is the perfect situation”, assured the artist.

Taylor Dom, above, has taken part in the same conversation, attending the event Enfandada in a T-shirt from the singer’s last tour, ‘The Eras Tour’. In addition to moving towards her idol, the young lady has taken on the responsibility of protecting Taylor Swift Cloak & Sword from any rumors or potentially malicious remarks as her official spokesperson. “It’s a fabulous personality, it disarms you. If you’re not a top guy you’d never think you’re with a famous lady. And she makes it all look so easy. I don’t know, I’m a ‘Swiftie’, I’m like a mediator. I feel like it’s my duty to be Swiftie’s voice”, she speculated.

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