Featherweight, Rosalia and Raw Alejandro are among the favorites on Barack Obama’s ‘playlist’ this summer

“La Bebe (Remix)” by Los Mexicanos. Featherweight and Yng Lavakasand “vampire” from the Spanish. rosalia with puerto rican Raw AlejandroBe part of this summer’s favorite songs Barack Obama,

Democracy has “turned into a tradition of sharing” in the countryplaylistPair up with your favorite turtlenecks for the summer season.

Hispanic artists are on their list of 42 songs, which includes songs well-known among young Americans like Ice Spice or SZA, but also more traditional renditions. Ella Fitzgerald or Bob Dylan.

“As I do every year, here are some of the songs I’m listening to this summer, a mix of new and old,” Obama wrote in a tweet presenting his selection.

He tells his followers, “I want to know that I am lost.”

Featherweight, one of the events at the moment

“La Bebe (Remix)” helped cement it. featherweight One of the events of the moment, one of two songs from the artist who made herself one of the most listened to songs on Spotify worldwide last April.

On the other hand, “Vampiros” is part of the “RR” EP released by Rosalia and Rav Alejandro, where they highlight their romance.

Obama’s list includes rapper J.J. Huss and Drake’s “Who Told You” is top-notch, and it also includes classics like The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody.” “Cry Me a River” by Ella Fitzgerald.


Prior Mandate also published a list of books he’s reading this summer, which includes a mix of fiction and non-fiction works that deal with topics such as Causes and Economic Inequality in America.

are among the titles “King: One Life”biography of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., written by Jonathan Eig.

and soap operas “Birnam Wood”by New Zealand author Eleanor Catton, who talks about her Activists fight for the environment in their country.

In turn, the Exmandatorio highlighted the book in a list of 9 works. “Poverty, by America”by Pulitzer winner Matthew Desmond, who analyzes Economic and Social Inequality in America, (EFE)

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