Christopher Nolan reveals what The Avengers would look like if he was the director

With Oppenheimer (2023) director Robert Downey Jr., Christopher Nolan spoke about how the production of The Avengers (2012) would have been different if he had directed the Marvel Studios film.

talking to wired, nolan Said production would be done with far more practical effects and that too Downey Jr. He will have a huge role as Iron Man.

“It is an enigma for the multiverse. Having already worked with you (Robert Downey Jr.) on Oppenheimer, I’ll probably give Tony Stark more screen time. You will show your face throughout the film.” he said. nolan,

“Also, I will not be using CGI. Would you be up for wearing a real jetpack (for the Iron Man scenes)?” asked the director Downey Jr.,

He joked, “If Christopher Nolan had directed The Avengers, we might still be making movies today.” Downey Jr.,

Read more about Oppenheimer:

Due to the huge controversy surrounding Tenet’s theatrical release, Nolan decided to end their long association. Warner Bros.And this universal pictures It won the contention against other studios by meeting some key requirements.

The director asked for complete creative control, 20% of the box office, and a six-week period where Universal could not release any other productions theatrically.

In this third, it is something that helps reduce competition and generate more profit for the director personally, as well as for Universal.

Furthermore, it has already been confirmed that the film will release between 90 and 120 days, without the possibility of reaching any streaming platform or buying and renting.

What is this film about?

Oppenheimer was a theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who became director of the Los Alamos laboratory that led research and development of the atomic bomb that ended World War II, which was secretly called the Manhattan Project.

main cast cillian murphy (Original), Robert Downey Jr. (iron Man), Matt Damon (Bourne), Emily Blunt (On the verge of tomorrow, Florence Pugh (Kali Mai), rami malek (007: No Time To Die), pigtail safi (good behavior), gary oldman (Batman Begins) josh harnett (Black Hawk in Peril) and others.

The film is already showing in theatres.

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