China Suarez Shares An Interesting Video And Compares It To Britney Spears: “I Finally Went Crazy”

Maria Eugenia La “China” Suarez Become the center of attention of users of Sule media and social networks. But all her brilliance as an actress and singer has been marred on occasion by scandals or what to say of novelty in her love life, but in the last hours it was A video shared by famous on Instagram which generated a number of comments.

At the age of 31, China Suarez has had a wonderful journey in the media Due to the fact that since she was a little girl she was dedicated towards acting as the protagonists like commercials or teen strips. chiquititas hey What kind of angels Since then, his life has generated considerable interest in the media and, above all, his emotional status, as he is usually linked to various celebrities or businessmen.

China Suarez got slammed for a video (Photo Instagram @sangrejaponesa)

Sure you have a large number of fanatics. And it reflects on your social networks, such as Instagram follow over six million people o Twitter, where it has a following of over 1.5 million. and of course you also use them to show different aspects of your life Sometimes it’s your tool to download Involved in many controversies but just as it is an important communication tool for him, it has also become the center of his criticism.

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Chyna Suarez’s exclusive video that sparked criticism

this happened recently His name started trending on TwitterRather the actress shared a curious video n instagram. in short clip, if you can observe with a special form by Eugenia, as she wears a fur brooch on her hair, which generates a great deal of volume on the frontal area of ​​her head. With that look, the actress looks at the camera and Exhibits a loud and strong barkComo c fuses an dog. “I made China Suarez mad”Twitter @camialice97 was the first to comment which spawned a huge number of users giving their opinion on the matter.

On Twitter he criticized China Suarez (Caputa Twitter)

“I feel like I’m in the Britney era”, commented on a young woman who drew comparisons with American singer Suelle who attracts attention for her awkward dance moves on Instagram. One of the most mentioned comparisons was Mariano MartinezWhich also receives criticism for its interpretation of songs of that time presented on Instagram and Tiktok. “I think Benjamin (Vicuna) has a similar statement about Pampita, placing him at such an important place and indirectly leaving him at such a small place. I don’t know how to attract attention”, wrote a woman in reference to the incident at Martín Fierro, when the actor said that the Argentine read a love.

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La China Suarez shares various content on social networks

Currently, the actress I do not refer to reviews, However, on many occasions I do talk about the negative comments made about him. Such is the case, that he released a song related to the subject. “Lo que descen de me”, whose letter speaks of the sadness it causes Hatred, “I called my family, read the news. I don’t know what else to say. Behind a false profile, they hide every day. fill me with thorns, Sometimes I want to run away to forget myself completely. Duel Que No Piensen Que Tras de Estaguen to Sangra En El Suelo”, he sings in the context of how he lives what he says about him.

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