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The implementation of the new Sports Law caused an evolution of the Spanish sports model, which directly affected the work of professionals and students in the sector. Thus, the new Law determines that in order to practice professional sports in the workplace, it is mandatory to obtain an official qualification. By offering formal qualifications, Cesur Sevilla guarantees compliance and offers specialized and specific training.

In this sense, Cesur Sevilla offers three degrees: physical training, guidance in the natural environment and free time, as well as teaching and animation. For some time now, the popularity of sports and a healthy lifestyle has been causing an increase in the demand for qualified professionals in this sector, creating a wider and more diverse labor market. “This is encouraging for students of vocational training in the field of sports, as it facilitates their access to the labor market,” the center explains.

FP Cesur Sevilla appreciates the practical development of this type of training in order to optimally apply the knowledge gained in the FP Sports courses. For the good implementation of practical activities, Cesur Sevilla has agreements with the Confederation of Sports Federations, with the Center for Athletics of Excellence, with the Cartuja Rugby Center, with the San Jeronimo Yacht Club and with the Andalusian Football Federation for the practical development of what was learned in the classroom.

Through these connections, students who take these FPs are able to take advantage of the facilities of the sports center in a dynamic and practical environment, strengthening their knowledge of the sector while surrounded by some of the best sports professionals.

In addition, Cesur Sevilla noted that he stands out for his excellence in training elite athletes, relying on his capabilities and highly qualified teaching staff. The unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge allows students to dynamically develop their knowledge in the natural environment and outdoors through cycles such as: “Guide to the Environment”.

“The training provided by Cesur, combined with its focus on individualized learning, positions it as a benchmark in training future sports professionals. In the same way, Cesur fulfills its commitment to promote the practical development of students and participates in unique initiatives such as the Interteco project, an annual event that brings together about 200 students from a professional family of physical activity and sports from various centers,” he said. In this competition, participants put into practice the knowledge gained in the “Guide to the Environment and Leisure Time” cycle.

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