Billionaire’s stepson aboard missing submarine responds to Cardi B: ‘Post-garbage celebrity’

Cardi B criticizes Brian Szaz for attending Blink-182 concert while stepfather was missing

Afterwards cardi b criticize brian szazThe stepson of a billionaire boarded an exploding submarine to attend a concert blink 182, he used the social network to respond to the singer – and called her a “post-garbage celebrity”. information is from nme,

submarine crew of five Titanwhose debris was found nearby rms titanic it was thursday the 22nd hamish hardingBillionaire, British explorer and stepfather szasz,

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Together stockton rush (Executive Director oceangatetravel company Titanic, Prince Dawood (Pakistani businessman), Suleman Dawood (son of prince) it is Paul-Henri Nargiolet (Former Commander) french navy and leading accident specialist Titanic, harding On Sunday, the 18th, voyages were made to the sunken ship, and a few hours later the crew disappeared.

Hours after the crew of five went missing, brian szaz The band took to social networks to reveal the concert schedule, but the publication was removed. “Living here may be unpleasant, but my family would like me to stay here blink 182Because it’s my favorite band and the music gets me through tough times,” he wrote.

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However, rapper cardi b didn’t like the attitude of szasz And criticized him on Instagram: “Ouch, so one of the billionaires that’s missing underwater in a bullshit submarine… his stepson is at a concert blink 182, People said, ‘What was he supposed to do, staying sad at home? Should he go and find her himself? Yes. You must be sad at home.”

Should you cry, you should wait on the phone to hear any updates. Isn’t it sad that you’re a billionaire and nobody cares about you? Like, you are gone and ready to enjoy the motherchod show. this is insane. I would love to be broke and poor, but knowing that I am loved.

clean, brian szaz He didn’t take that statement at all, calling the singer “trash” and commenting on how she “should get some class.” was made in the north Twitter, But his account was deleted. “What a post-garbage celebrity. cardi b Attempts are being made to take advantage of my and my family’s pain,” lamented

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i went to a concert blink 182 Deal with the situation instead of sitting at home watching the news. How embarrassing, CardiTake some classes!

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