“Being so strong helped me”

Less than a week after meeting Laya, her shared daughter with Chef Dabiz Munoz, Cristina Pedroche, shared deep thoughts on how she is going through the postpartum period. For this, the employee fulminant He shared on Instagram a selection of photos of those days, which confirmed his physical changes.

TV presenter admits that her body has not changed much after giving birth on July 14, which is partly due to the healthy lifestyle she has been leading for some time, focusing on proper nutrition and exercise.

“These are days of much learning, but above all a lot of love. The postpartum period is interesting, a lot of ups and downs of emotions, a lot of fears, a lot of doubts, a lot of tears… but above all love, a lot of love. I can’t stop looking at her and wanting to be with her skin to skin all the time,” read the first lines of her mail.

“And love not only for the daughter, but also for the body, to see how he adapted, how such strength helped me (and continues to help) throughout the process,” added Pedrosh, 34.

The photos you posted they refer to different points in her pregnancy and motherhood. “The first two photos are now almost a week after the birth, the third is the last photo that I took with my stomach on Thursday at noon, when the uterine waves (contractions) began with intensity, the fourth and fifth I took four hours after the birth, and the sixth and seventh the next day,” she specified.

Rejoicing at the new stage he is going through at the hands of Munoz, the TV face is feeling some nostalgia for the past few months. “I really miss the feeling inside me, but it’s true that being able to look her in the eyes is magical,” he said, receiving hundreds of comments and expressions of affection from his followers.

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