Aquaman: Kingdom Lost was extensively re-shot

Not a good sign! Aquaman: The Lost Empirestarring movie sequel jason momoasuffered from a series of interventions Warner Bros. behind the scenes so as to avoid box office disappointment. Changes include the presence of two Batmen in the film – and several reshoots to change the feature’s story.

sources heard hollywood reporter report that the fact that the production of aquaman 2 After going through three different “reigns” at Warner Bros. It had a big impact on its development. The most recent was the confirmation of a third remake which took place in New Zealand in June this year and was approved by the new owners. james gunn it is Peter Safran,

star Amber Heard I will return as Meera Aquaman 2: The Lost Empireand commented on the pressure behind the film, especially after DC failed in its recent attempts, Shazam! wrath of the gods ($135 million) and glitter ($245 million).

“These are very different types of projects that represent two ends of the industry spectrum”announced actress deadlineCompared to his previous film, in the fire, “There is immense pressure on these big franchise movies with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, and these deals are part of an effort to make it the most successful thing that it can be. Then on the other end of the spectrum is a small independent film like Into the Fire, a labor of love without the same resources.

“Your best luck is to find a balance of both. I am honored to be a part of Aquaman, this franchise and the machinery behind it. And then there are these little passion projects, where I’m proud to meet the filmmakers and the cast to bring this story to life. concluded.

after the failure of glitter In an interview with C, on the worldwide box officeomic bookdirector james wan fans revealed their incentive to watch Aquaman 2: The Lost Empire,

in addition to bringing momoa back as the title hero, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom must count on the return of Patrick Wilson ,Magic), as the lord of the oceans, Amber Heard ,Justice League), such as mine, besides Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ,watchman), as the vengeful villain Black Manta.

james wan Resume direction. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set to premiere 20 December 2023,

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