5 worst episodes of Marvel series on Disney+

Only sorrow! With series 9 released on Disney+, we’ve picked apart the 5 worst episodes of the MCU so far.

The series marked the beginning of the fourth phase of the MCU while theaters were still preparing to open their doors amid the COVID-19 crisis. Since then, we’ve released 8 live-action and one animated series on streaming, which is already secret invasion,

However, all is not well. With so many releases and constant criticism that Marvel still hasn’t found its footing in the new format, we’ve had some really bad moments.

So, here we separate our list 5 worst mcu tv episodes, Get ready for misery below.

But before that, let us remind you that the lists are completely subjective. it’s just us Opinion, albeit in as fair a manner as possible. Do you disagree with us? List your favorites in the comments below.

Anyway, let’s get on with the list!

5th place: Hawkeye Finale/Secret Invasion and Moon Knight Episode 3

Let’s start the list by splitting the fifth spot between 3 episodes, because we have chapters that aren’t bad enough to deserve their own spot, but we can’t fail to mention them.

And most of them for the same reason. after all, the last episode of archer falcon It’s a hurried conclusion to a conflict that started in episode 5. The moment that made it clear that Marvel doesn’t know how to end its series.

for episode 3 of both secret invasion and Moon Knight, there are chapters that adopt almost complementary characteristics in their seasons. In Moon Knight, we have a plot that goes nowhere, a poorly edited fight and just one good scene when Khonshu and Steven look up at the sky in search of a star and the position of the moon in the past.

With an already cryptic invasion, the uninspiring direction strips away any tone of impact or surprise. If you see people commenting on the internet that they are falling asleep with the series, it is definitely because of episodes like this one.

4th place: Episode 5 of She-Hulk

She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes The carnage was meted out by many fans (and inkles) on the internet, but the unnecessary hate rarely came with any decent criticism of the series’ real problems.

While many people only criticize the CGI or the fact that the series is about a single woman, the good episodes are ignored and murdered out of mere jealousy.

However, even then, we need to recognize that the series has had some low points throughout its seasons. Among them, the episode “Malvadinha, verdinha a de calca apertadinha”. It reinforces the ruin of the villainous Titania, played by Jameela Jamil, in what is unfortunately one of the silliest episodes of the series and one with the weakest jokes.

3rd place: She-Hulk Episode 6

Unfortunately, see him there again. Continuing the weak She-Hulk episode, Episode 6 adds very little to the season and is one of the weakest. Significantly, this is another case of Titania being ruined. Yes, let’s press that key again.

2nd place: Moon Knight Episode 6

Moon Knight’s season finale could easily be considered the worst in the entire MCU. It’s a ridiculous little episode because of a lot of the plot and characters it had to resolve. The result is a rushed 30 minutes that ruins the final fight, nullifies the villain and completely removes impact or emotion from Layla’s emergence as the Scarlet Scarab, something that should be the highlight of the series.

The way everything is resolved is hilarious, the final scene is cut in a way that is nothing like what we saw in the last great episode. Especially episode 4 and 5, one of the best in the MCU.

How does a series go from its best episode to a general flop? We will never know why this is so. But the reason this episode isn’t on our #1 spot is because of the final scene with Jake Lockley and, of course, the fact that this is a very bad episode.

1st Place: Episode 5 of Ms. Miracle

If Moon Knight managed to ruin the good times with one bad episode, M / s. Miracle managed to make it worse. After 2 hilarious opening episodes, the series completely changes focus and goes back to Kamala’s family origins.

Episode 4, which tells the story of Kamala’s great-grandmother in Pakistan, takes a risk and brings a very unusual moment that we would never have imagined being addressed in the MCU. It’s different, but interesting.

Episode 5 There is a true God who helps us. The Underground’s plan turns into something distasteful and unnecessary, culminating in one of the worst scenes in the entire MCU.

The way the villains are defeated by turning into 3D meme skulls is absolutely hilarious. To make matters worse, the baddies are fleshed out and it all becomes completely irrelevant in the next episode, as the series focuses on Kamala’s school adventures.

You can easily skip episode 5 and go straight to the series finale and you won’t feel any difference. A sadness and a negative milestone that Marvel didn’t need to deal with one of their most interesting characters.

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More about Secret Invasion

secret invasion Marvel Studios has an exclusive series disney+, with 6 episodes. The series would eventually adapt the 2008 comic that featured the alien Skull’s epic and elaborate attempt to conquer Earth, infiltrating various strata of society.

featuring returning artists Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury) ben mendelsohn (stalk) and cobie smulders (Maria Hill). Besides them, we will also have premieres Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones Daenerys), Award Winner Olivia Coleman it is Kingsley Ben-Adir,

Kyle Bradstreet ,Mister. Robot) while the writer and main producer of the series will be Ali Selim Commands the direction of the episode. series available now disney+Run there to see!

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