Which celebrities are already on Threads? The new social network that’s causing the rage


less than 24 hours ago Meta, Company of Mark Zuckerberg, open social network threads Which means “Hilos” in Spanish. It is the new social network associated with Instagram that allows users to share their thoughts and ideas to generate great conversation in the community. Similar to the way Twitter works, which has become the property of millionaire Elon Musk since last year.

In this short time of operation of threads, More than 10 million users are registered on the social network. Many recognized stars who chose instead to follow the blue Pajarito open a profile in this new network which has undergone many changes since the change of owner. Musk’s most recent change was that unverified sources could only read 600 Trino’s a day.

Mark Zuckerberg I told Bienvenida on social networks: “Let’s do this. Welcome to the Threads” (Hagamoslo. Bienvenidos a Threads).

Even, the man re-opened his Twitter account to gauge the success of his social network and that of Elon Musk’s network. Meta CEO publishes a Spiderman meme that gets over 190,000 “I like it”.

celebrities who are on threads

Who are the famous people who are already a part of the Threads community? when it is impossible to calculate to the popularity of Meta and the Zuckerberg company, These are some of those who are already a part of the new social network that is creating so much buzz and is expected to gain more popularity in a matter of days.

from Colombia, barranquilar shakira I was one of the first to open my account on this social network and I wrote this welcoming you to Twitter’s contest. he is already there Juanes, J Balvin, Carlos Vives, Camilo and Andres Cepeda. others like Karol G Y Feed Not reported by threads.

“What a joy it is to find a place to connect, come together, and talk respectfully. Los Quieros. ¿Como wa la vena? We are counting months, days, hours to be here again”, wrote Carlos Vives in his first thread.

Even the President of Colombia Gustavo Petro If you have opened your account and as Alcaldes Daniel Quintero or Claudia Lopez.

On the international scene, there are also many singers, actors and celebrities who have already opened their Threads account Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Aniston, Roger Waters, Cara Delevigne, Kim Kardashian, Danna Paola, Thalia, Eugenio Derbez, Anita, Gloria Trevi…and if you can follow along.

as are businessmen Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

Celebrities around the world are opening up to the social network and adding more people to the community that Mark Zuckerberg is committed to.

Have you used Thread?

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