Where to retire? Favorite countries of retirees according to International Living

retirement This is a crucial stage in people’s lives, marked by the cessation of professional activities and the search for a more peaceful and comfortable environment, for many this means considering the possibility change address and move to countries which offer more opportunities to enjoy this new stage. It is important to plan ahead and evaluate the various options that may suit the wishes and needs of the retiree.

international lifefamous magazine specializes in travel and pension mattersprepares an annual A global pension index that highlights the best countries to experience this stage of life.. In his edition for 2023chose ten destinations that offer favorable conditions for a healthy and happy life at lower economic costs.

Next we present top 10 countries for retirementAccording to International Living:

10. Colombia: This South American country stands out for its micro-climate, low cost of living and agricultural culture with fun and friendly people. He also has health care system recognized throughout the world, and its main cities offer specialized medical care.

9. Thailand: With rich culture and open society, Thailand Offers Vibrant and Exciting Experiences for Senior Citizens. Its varied and affordable gastronomy, as well as its warm climate throughout the year, attract many foreigners who want to live in a festive atmosphere.

8. Italy: Italy’s diversity in terms of climate, landscapes, gastronomy and lifestyle makes it make it an attractive place for those who seek a full and long life. Considered the second best in the world, its health care system attracts retirees.

7. France: Apart from its famous city of Paris, France is valued for its culture that values ‚Äč‚Äčlife and caring for others. A first-class health care system and social benefits make this country ideal for an active and fulfilling retirement.

6. Greece: With its stunning natural beauty, hospitality, low cost of living and rich history, Greece is a paradise for lovers of archeology, culture and beaches.. While its bureaucracy can be tricky, its cuisine and outgoing lifestyle more than make up for it.

5. Spain: Spain offers a sunny climate, open culture and a relaxed lifestyle at affordable prices. In places like the Valencian Community and Andalusia, lpensioners can enjoy a comfortable and healthy life in this charming country.

4. Costa Rica: Thanks to its impressive nature and commitment to the environment, Costa Rica is an ecological paradise. Its public and private healthcare system is accessible and its tropical climate offers the perfect environment for a healthy and active lifestyle.

3. Panama: Natural beauty, nightlife and various cultural events make Panama an attractive destination for retirees. The sense of well-being that life in the capital, Panama City offers, is another of its attractions.

2. Mexico: With a variety of landscapes and cultures, Mexico offers options for every taste. The low cost of living and the ease of finding English-speaking communities make this country popular with retirees.

1. Portugal: deliberate The best country in the world to live in retirement Portugal stands out for its vibrant nightlife, rich culture and delicious cuisine. From the coast to the interior of the country, it offers a variety of options for a pleasant and fulfilling retirement.

Plan for early retirement and consider the options presented international life can help future retirees find the perfect place to enjoy this new phase of their lives.

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