What you need to know about the successful collaboration between Tim Burton and Netflix

A brief review of the data Netflix has published about its new series star makes the continuation inevitable: with more thousand seven hundred million hours watchedfirst season of miracles beat the fourth season of stranger things Like many of the most viewed chapters on the platform. Fiction starring Jenna Ortega in Spain, to be released in November 2022 top 10 of Netflix for ten consecutive weeks.

Last July 12, tudumAn information page linked to Netflix confirmed that Miercoles had been renewed for a second and “suffering” season. ,We count down the hours to another season of Zambuliernos de Cabeza and explore the scalofriante and chifalado worlds of Nunca Mas.”, says one of the creators of the series, in the context of the intern singular in the person Mierkols studied. “however, We have to make sure we haven’t completely emptied the pool,

These declarations were completely nullified myrcolesmania, debut of Tim Burton The show on the small screen (directing the first four episodes) was the writer of big fish or ed wood He had not even lost all his potential, as indicated by his last projects. Or, at least, in favor of the public.

'Oppenheimer' poster

months later, miles miller or Alfred Goughgodfather of miraclesannounced that the pool of the smaller Adams Pool was not empty: there was still enough water for a second season.

Jenna Ortega and Christina Ricci at the premiere of 'Miracles'
Jenna Ortega and Christina Ricci at the premiere of ‘Miracles’
Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

a new family member

from Sao Paulo, and for this reason Tudum: Global Fan Event Hosted by Netflix Jenna Ortegawith your delivery partners hunter doohan, Emma Myers or happy sundayThere was debate about some of the theories that followers of the series had for its second season.

With surprising potential (these months, Jenna Ortega has telegraphed her candidacy to be the next aspiring Hollywood star), the actress scoops up bold proposals. miracles without making sure they were close to reality, even though i make a promise: In the new episode, A member of the Addams Family who has not yet spoken He will be making an appearance in the Netflix production.

Tio Aso from La Familia Adams
Tio Aso from La Familia Adams

“I cross my fingers cause I’m Uncle Aso”, Ortega says, pointing to the mysterious sunglasses-clad hairy creature with whom Miercoles is concerned. In turn, the other members of the cast showed their preference for the character played by Jenna Ortega.

animated los masters of the universe

When Will ‘Miracles’ Season 2 Premiere?

The big question asked by the lovers of the series is still unanswered. It’s bad, if Barajaba was a potential premiere date at the Netflix studio, there’s no doubt about it. Role of actors and screenwriters Platform planes have been delayed. at least we know that miracles None of the other series would be a series that would be canceled due to parone. Simply put, the Addams Family needs to take a long and mandatory vacation.

That’s right, Netflix doesn’t want you to forget about them: Shortly after its first batch of episodes were added to the catalog, the platform announced that there were more to come. and, con elos, “more torture and more misery”. “To be honest, I would have to import at least”, says Jenna Ortega at the end of the trailer. And perhaps this is the recommended level of expectation for more ardent followers, as the wait will be long.

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