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In recent months, a culinary reality show Great celebrity chef which airs on Latina TV has gained considerable popularity as the show’s group of characters have to demonstrate their culinary skills in competitions. However, part of the success of this program is due to its charismatic host, Jose Pelaezwho recently revealed in an interview that he was suffering from a terrible disease.


A few days ago, El Gran Chef Famosos host José Pelaez gave an interview to Jesús Alzamora on his YouTube channel. During the conversation, the Latin American host admitted that he had several problems related to his mental health when his father was very ill, suffering from depression.

“I was not well, on the one hand, my father was dying, he was already very old, he was bedridden (…). And I didn’t feel well, I felt that everything I wanted for a long time, I didn’t want anymore, and it’s very difficult to reach this moment, because you understand that what you have and what you thought you want is not what you want … It’s very difficult, because nothing makes you feel good” said the businessman.

Later, the popular driver tried to get help, so he managed to attend therapy. At that moment, he realized that he needed to have economic stability, but at the same time be able to enjoy his work.

“I’m leaving the radio, I’m canceling sponsorship, I don’t train anymore and I turn everything off. I found something that makes me feel alive today and it’s fun… If you’re not having fun, it doesn’t matter. If it’s theater, if it’s TV or whatever, you need to find a way to have fun.” said Pelaez, who puts that recommendation into practice in the content he creates related to marathons, a project he loves.


The arrival of José Pelaez on open television has changed the landscape for classic Latina TV presenters. Because of this, some people believed that he might have some sort of problem with the other drivers that had previously appeared on the San Felipe Canal.

“Like people are trying to take over everyone, right? Who is better Who does his job better? “This one must be delivered” (the people say). When everyone is happy with what they have. The driver pointed to the interview spot, making it clear that he had no rivalry with the other hosts.

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