Warning joins hands with Pepsi for a new campaign

Don’t know how delicious it is to rejoice in the tears of the haters, which The Warning reaps with every success, After their monumental move with Muse por Europa y Latinoamérica, the Villarreal sisters returned with a new sensillo, “Peacock”, as appeared in the new Pepsi campaign of which they were a part. Ah, nothing else.

“Are you related to Pepsi Black?” This is the name of the slogan accompanying this advertisement, which has been available on the Internet and TV for several days. The band Regia appears alongside other national figures such as DJ Sinaloa, Mariana Bo, rapper Lobo Estepario and dancer Joel Friedman.

During the intervening moment, The Warning are seen playing a stage while they high to the beat of the mentioned theme, has already reached the number 1 spot on the alternative rock list in the United States, “You know how to breakup” is the phrase that’s read when we’re looking to do what we know best: rocking well.

The brand will also sponsor the trio’s solo tour in the United States, which begins on August 10. in Asbury Park, New Jersey, before returning to our country to perform at the Pepsi Center.

See the advertisement below.

The Warning joins other popular culture icons in teaming up with Pepsi

Since the late 60s, Pepsi has known how to reach out to the masses through its advertising. However, since the 1980s, icons such as Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin have been hired, as well as popular pop artists of the time, from the Spice Girls to Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez. It tells the stars who have endorsed the brand.

The Warning is not the first Mexican act to appear in these campaigns, but clearly, it is the best. Or are they going to decide that they’d prefer to kick off “Eres Para Me” with Julieta Venegas and her Pepsi Lemons? that’s what I thought.

Warning is the new face of Pepsi
Pepsi has been around this whole summer and if you don’t believe me, check out all the commercials you see on the Rajdhani Metro. Image: Pepsi.

The band will take their successes to the Pepsi Center in October

After overcoming the development of the Teatro Metropolitan, the Villarreal sisters’ band The Warning would take their shows to the Pepsi Center installations at Mexico City’s WTC.

His chosen date for the Error World Tour is October 28, 2023That’s why we recommend cards, payment apps, and card ready since tickets are already available on Ticketmaster.

In addition to turning off CDMX, Warning will perform at the Teatro Diana in Guadalajara and the Auditorio Pabellón M in Monterrey on October 21.,

Warning in the world there is a vampire / Photo: Andre Dulche
Warning in the world there is a vampire / Photo: Andre Dulche

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