VIDEO: BTS’s Jungkook Proves He Loves Mexico Like It Drives the Army Crazy

south korean singer jeon jungkookwho is a member of btshas recently released his first song as a solo artist “Seven“And surprised their fans with their talent, as it is the first time the group has performed without a simple k-pop You have already achieved great success with your work.

Furthermore, he has not demonstrated that he has the talent to speak Spanish, since in one program I could say a few words in this language. Por Si Fuera Poco, I made it clear how much Mexico tastes, I enjoyed talking about my favorite Mexican platter and Sorprendio al Army,

Cookie can travel the world. (Credits: Facebook / BTS)

Does BTS’s Jungkook Like Mexico?

via Live by Stationhead jungkook I took advantage of this to be able to interact with my fans as well as promote my solo work.Seven“. During the broadcast, the youngest singer bts showed their wishes to be able to fulfill world Tour To be able to meet my fans from all over the world.

At the same time, Bromio, along with some of his followers, taught them a few words in Korean and couldn’t stop laughing as everyone barely seemed to decide on the live. Later on, he demonstrated his abilities to speak other languages, because, even though he was not the best at speaking English and had very little Spanish, I could say many words. ,I love you I love you“, was one of the phrases repeated by the singer.

Cookie finds herself promoting “Seven”. (Credits: Facebook / BTS)

Want to eat kooky tacos and go to Mexico?

infiniteism, that “golden corn“I accepted an invitation from a follower I proposed to leave eat tacos And I showed you how much you love this Mexican plate. “¿Dónde estas? ¡Let’s eat tacos!”, replied Makane. before that, he Army One person from our country was very passionate, because it was the first time he heard about Mexican food.

Por Si Fuera Poco, Los Fanes Mexican Day jungkook He mentioned on social networks that he has not lost hope that a world tour is taking place, he can visit our country, as he has many fans. Mexico, Some of the reactions on Twitter were, “Ye aise fue como JK tuvo present a México en el listening party de ‘seven’ en stationhead el dia de hoy”, “Que emotion, more about Mexico every time” and “JK said he loves Mexico with his ‘Thank you Mexico’.”

(Credits: Facebook / BTS)

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