Under Armor and its commitment to young athletes

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In search of iconic stars, Under Armor has decided to change its strategy to focus on sponsoring a new generation of athletes, and women in particular.

A few years ago, the firm Under Armor threatened to become one of the main players in Mexican football.

The brand — founded 26 years ago by Kevin Plank — counts among its ranks El Cruz Azul, one of the codified “quattro grandes,” and Toluca, if it had already lived its glory days, with a solid base of fans in the Mexico state capital.

However, Cruz Azul has been banned for sponsoring and, already in the 2023 Apertura tournament, the Red Devils have also been released.

What about a change in strategy on Under Armour’s part and what about the soccer market, which is more profitable in Mexico?

“Today we are 100% focused on innovation and strategically, we are focusing on influencing specific categories and above all, the youngest people between 16 and 20 years old,” Dalia Sanchez, Brand Marketing Lead for Under Armor in Mexico, explained in an interview.

The decision is to “stay in places where young people are with more of an athlete format.” Display, From there we’ve left the big clubs like football soccer, and we’ve focused more on making an impact, regardless of discipline, but on more young people and those participating in the teams.

The strategy, which has been implemented internationally, has led Under Armor to release athletes who would be highly coveted for other brands, such as the case of American swimmer Michael Phelps, winner of 28 Olympic medals, 23 of them gold.

And, if they’ll support athletes like Tom Brady, Stephen Curry and even actor and former fighter “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, new celebrities to the “Under Armor family” include names like Olympic clavadistas Jair Ocampo and Carolina Mendoza; judoka Paulina Martinez; Ksenia Lechuga and gymnast Isaac Farfan in rowing.

A cornerstone of this strategy from Under Armor is the empowerment of women in topics of great importance like sponsorship bells and football.

“We decided to focus on the skills that women in soccer have and what they can achieve on and off the field,” explains Dalia Sanchez.

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