Tom Holland Confirms He Opens the Door to Leaving Marvel and Spider-Man

popular british actors tom holland confirmed that they feel many fears in the face of the very uncertain future production of the next delivery Spider Manalso opening the door to letting go of your role and your union with the cinematographic universe Miracle,

Tom Holland just adds to the various problems going on in Hollywood at the moment Drama Afterwards confirm Joe fears his next involvement in the fourth installment of Spider-Man, for which he is “willing to open the door to leave room for other talents”.

Tom assures that despite the fact that he is keen to continue making more Spider-Man films and Miracle studiothere is a part of him that desires to roll Totally out of character.

The film, which is stalled after the release of the production company SonyIt will take a while to hit the screens due to various issues and problems currently being faced in the industry. Hollywood, In turn, Hollande said that he too feels some fear for what is to come:

“Sure stigma Regarding the fourth installment of all the sagas. i feel like it with our first experience trilogy We hit a home run and there’s a part of me that wants to march with my head held high and pass Testigo to the next lucky guy who manages to bring this character to life.

Ale actor believe you’re in a position where you won’t put any pressure on them future projects of Spider-Man, which is why he’s willing to open the door for another actor to lead the saga.

Although, of course, the current problems prevent the production of the same tom holland you know very well. Faced with this scenario, we can only hope Hollywood does the same Spider Man,

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