The Rock would receive the highest acting salary in history; see price

Amazon Prime Video film, Red One will have to spend a huge chunk of the budget to cast Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

movie star like the tooth fairy (2010), Moana – Sea of ​​Adventure (2016) and training dad (2007), Dwayne The Rock Johnson Who Should Get the Highest Acting Salary in Hollywood History, According to Insider naughty child,

As stated by the website, rock will participate in the red oneproduced by action comedy amazon prime video and directed by Jake Kasdanand will explain Commander Calum Drift, The cast also includes names like Chris Evans, JK Simmons, lucy liu, nick krollamong others.

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As naughty child informed of, Dwayne Johnson Will receive a payment of US$50 million, approximately R$239.5 million. It is worth more than US$40 million Robert Downey Jr.

How much did Tom Cruise get paid for starring in Mission: Impossible 7?

one of the great stars of Hollywood This time, Tom Cruise One of the highest paid in the industry, he also works as a producer (which adds to his income even more). He was released on July 13, 2023 Mission: Impossible – Reckoning Part 1 – And the salary surprises.

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according to information from Diversity, cruise received US$12 million to 14 million (approximately R$57 million and R$67 million respectively) for starring in the film, which also included hayley atwell ,Beautiful, Rebecca Ferguson ,Ilsa, vanessa kirby ,alana mitsopolis, pom clementiff ,Paris, asai morales ,Gabriel), among others.

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However, even a huge amount, the star’s salary is Mission: Impossible – Reckoning Part 1 This is below what he usually gets. Typically, the big stars get between US$20 million and US$25 million (around R$96 million and R$120 million, respectively).

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To compare, as the site pointed out, Tom Cruise He even received US$70 million (US$336 million) to US$100 million (US$480 million) per film, but this included his salary as a producer. Moreover, he received 100 million US dollars for this world War (2005) and for US$68 million (R$326 million) vanilla Sky (2001).

Finally, in the most recent breakthrough, cruise His base salary was US$13 million (R$62 million) Top Gun: Maverick (2022). It is notable how the actor negotiated a bonus of 10% of the film’s gross – and received over US$100 million.

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