“The Reformation of Gold Among the Gold Diggers”

Despite rumors pointing to another reality, Cristiano Ronaldo recently ruled out his return to Sporting (learn more here,

One who was none too pleased with the football star’s statements was Maria Vieira, who is known to be a supporter of Chega and Vladimir Putin. Last Wednesday, July 19, the former actress published a post on Facebook reacting to the news.

“Cristiano Ronaldo dismisses Sporting (as if anyone wanted him there) and claims European football has already lost a lot of quality!”, he began writing.

“And, immediately, before the Dakar arrives, this piece of hake thrashes Celta de Vigo 5-0, which is far from being one of the top clubs in the Spanish league! Well, the “Muslim” championship is really good, it was enough for “Myr Narcisista da Bola” to go there to spend his golden retirement playing among lame Arabs and ‘gold diggers’ who, like him, are at the end of their careers or who are no longer interested in any European club,” he continued.

“Oh, and he also said that the Arab league is much better than the American one, only to pretend that his choice was more correct than the “Best Player in the World” Messi! Anyway, there are the ridiculous ones and then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo”, he concluded.

Check out Maria Vieira’s post about Cristiano Ronaldo:

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