The ‘promotion’ of Doja Cat on its social networks has reached its end: now we know the launch date – MUSIC

Doja Cat is giving us a few hints about her new project. That’s right, the wait has been pretty painful as we’ve already been able to know some key data on the Californian’s next launch.

Two years ago, the singer published her new work after the release of her album ‘Planet Her’. The two years waiting for the singer’s fourth record to arrive were filled with rumors and misinformation. With this new work the American begins a phase where he breaks with his musical past and, for the first time, enters the most obscure universe and bloody than what we saw there, This can be seen very well in the promo of the soon to be released first single ,Attention’,

On Twitter, he is emoting on the exit of ‘Single’ with one count back through With his tweets, apart from a few drops of blood, it was let fall as his new launch, finally, he published an image of the letter “A” upside down and written with blood, giving him the feeling that we had previously seen on his Twitter profile where the heroes had vampires, monsters, blood and a lot of ink on their bodies in the shape of tattoos. There are sure to be several of these components in the videoclip for this premiere.

Furthermore, I also announced that morning, come on june 16We get to see this new ‘single’ which we are sure will take us by surprise.

You’ve gone a little further than what your video clip should be. The 12 second video gives us an opportunity to find out what your next job will be like. This is where you can see photographers going crazy over someone, with people walking down the street behind them, where you can’t tell their face. The final plan depicts Doja Cat say “mirror, miram”, We will have to wait till tomorrow to know what these plans mean.

As far as we can see, Doja Cat has fully recovered from the surgical intervention that they performed on her throat last year and which forced her to dry off for a few months. Now, already in full force, the artist now wants to return to the forefront of the musical panorama and will achieve this with his New record project that is taking its first steps.

We have been able to see on several occasions that Doja Carr has published the term “Hellmouth” to imply that it is true. But, will this be the title of your next album? Although it is not certain, it is likely that she remarked that she had already been chosen for the title.

However, there are still many unknowns in this new work, such as what the collaboration will be, what the ‘tracklist’ will be or when it will be revealed.

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