The best movies and series to watch on streaming (July 7 to July 9)

The weekend is here and for those who want to stay at home and watch a series or movie, they have some great options on streams like Netflix, Prime Video and HBO Max.

But there is one big problem: what to choose? It’s a lot and often we’re just swiping left, right, up, down and when we realize it, we could be watching an entire movie!

With that in mind, we’ve isolated some of the best requests, prioritizing releases, or works that were recently added to the streaming catalog.

Below, check out the 10 best movies and series to watch on stream this weekend, July 7-9!

Power and the Law: Season 2

“After an accident, ambitious Los Angeles attorney Mickey Haller (played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) returns to action by taking on a murder case.”

O poder e a lei is based on the literary novel “The Lincoln Lawyer” by Michael Connelly, which was adapted into a 2011 film starring Matthew McConaughey.

The series is helmed by David E. Kelly, best known for producing Nine Strangers with Nicole Kidman and Big Little Lies.

The first part of the second season is already on Netflix and brings many twists and turns!


“Nimona: A knight is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and the only person who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona, a shape-shifting teenager who just might be the demon he vowed to kill,” begins the official synopsis.

Nimona’s summary continues, “Set in a medieval technological world never before seen in animation, this story is about the labels we give people and a young woman who refuses to be defined by others.”

Nimona was originally going to be made by Disney, but Netflix dropped the film after it was canceled by Mickey Mouse. It has been widely praised, earning a notable 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is in the Netflix catalogue.

on killer’s paws

The synopsis reads, “Follow the efforts of the investigation teams tasked with solving horrific cases of serial murders.”

The third season of On the Run features four more episodes, this time focusing on the Railroad Killer, the New York Zodiac Killer, the Olympic Park Bomber, and the Washington DC Gunman. The true crime series features the stories of the investigators of these terrifying serial killer cases. Investigators reveal the horrifying and chilling details of their experiences with these killers in this Netflix series.

infiltrated the clan

“An African American police officer in Colorado successfully infiltrates the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan with the help of a Jewish man who eventually becomes its leader. Based on true events”, says the summary of “BlacKKKlansman”.

Black Clansman is a powerful and impactful film that deserves to be seen. Directed by Spike Lee, it competed for the Academy Award for Best Picture and won for Best Adapted Screenplay. In fact, it was far more deserving of the award than Green Book: The Guide. Currently, Black Clansman is on HBO Max.

high alert

In the plot of Maximum Alert, Louis Gasparé, a former French general accused of murder, escaped extradition to Canada when Trailblazer Flight 119 landed in the Philippines.

He forms an unlikely partnership with Captain Brody Torrance, played by Gerard Butler, to rescue the passengers and crew of a plane from pirates on a dangerous remote island.

Currently, Alerta Maximo holds a 78% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 166 critics, making it one of the best action films of the year. The film can be viewed on Prime Video.

always ahead

“Johnny is a radio reporter who travels around the country interviewing different children about their views on the world and the future. She is then tasked with taking care of her young nephew, Jesse, who brings a new perspective to her life.

Another highly acclaimed film that hit HBO Max! The film stars Woody Norman, Joaquin Phoenix, Gabby Hoffman, and Jabouki Young-White.

horrors of dolores roach

When Dolores Roach is released after a wrongful prison sentence, she is reunited with an old friend who lets her work as a massage therapist. When the promise of her newfound stability is threatened, Dolores is pushed to shocking extremes to survive.”

Sweeney Todd fans will enjoy this series, although it is heavily influenced by the music of Hugh Wheeler and Stephen Sondheim. Available on Prime Video, it is a good option for anyone looking for a good thriller.


Barry is an exceptionally captivating TV series which brilliantly blends the elements of Comedy and Drama. The plot revolves around the titular character, a hitman who is tired of his dark life and who decides to step into the world of acting.

Bill Hader shines as the leading man and is joined by such a talented cast as Henry Winkler and Sarah Goldberg.

It recently ended its fourth and final season on HBO Max. The entire series is only 32 episodes long, so it’s perfect for binge-watching. It also has an impressive 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.


“The marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles has cooled. Although rumors of love affairs and divorce abound, peace is made for the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s estate. There’s eating and drinking, shooting and hunting. Diana knows sports, but this year things will be very different. This historical psychological drama stars Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing, Sean Harris and Sally Hawkins,” reads the official synopsis.

Pablo Larrain’s film that earned Kristen Stewart (deserved) a Best Actress nomination recently arrived on HBO Max and it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a great historical drama (and anyone who’s a fan of The Crown, of course).

Truth of Lies: A New Mission

Inspired by James Cameron and Randall Frakes’ hit action-comedy film True Lies, True Lies: A New Assignment follows Harry Tasker (Steve Howe), a world-class international spy working for the US intelligence agency Omega Sector, and his wife Helen (Ginger Gonzaga), a bored language teacher, who discovers her husband’s extravagant double life.

With the mystery unfolding, Omega recruits Helen, who impresses everyone with her incredible skills, and joins Harry and his team of first-class agents, who embark on covert missions around the world and an exciting life of danger and adventure, hiding the truth from their children.

This series is available on Star+.

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