Starring Hailee Steinfeld, the period series is as distinctive as it is funny and impactful

Dickinson: The Irreplaceable Series About the Life of Emily Dickinson

Renowned American poet Emily Dickinson got a facelift in 2019 from the series “Dickinson” produced by Apple TV+. The series blends outrageous, chronological and dream-like elements, telling the story of Emily and her struggle for independence and recognition within a conservative family.

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Hailee Steinfeld shines as Emily Dickinson

Actress Hailee Steinfeld portrays Emily Dickinson in a captivating and convincing way, showing her rebelliousness and creativity while facing challenges imposed by society and her family. The series also features standout performances from Jane Krakowski, Toby Huss, Adrian Ensko and Anne Baryshnikov.

Unlike traditional period adaptations, the series chooses colloquial and current language, using contemporary dialogues and subverting expectations in its episodes. The plot addresses issues such as Emily’s sexuality, her relationship with her confidant Sue (Ella Hunt), and even her interactions with Death, played by Wiz Khalifa.

a series for a specific audience

Despite its close resemblance to the real biography of Emily Dickinson and her struggle for recognition in a masochistic society, the “Dickinson” series is not to everyone’s taste due to its irreverent and anachronistic approach. However, for those who agree to the offer, the series promises to be a fun and empowering experience.

The “Dickinson” series takes an innovative and contemporary look at the life of this iconic American poet, presenting a storyline packed with humor and emotion. With great performances from Hailee Steinfeld and the rest of the cast, this production is a great choice for anyone looking for a different perspective on the life and work of Emily Dickinson. However, its anachronistic and irreverent character may not please all audiences.

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