Some Counter-Strike 2 players seriously think they found out the release date due to a small bug in the game – Counter-Strike 2

The Valve title is known to be released globally at the end of summer, but players believe it will arrive on August 24th or closer.

There are not many lucky people who have played Counter-Strike 2. That is why there are thousands of players who are looking forward to global launch titles. However, there are already some users who want to get ahead of Valve itself and are looking for in-game clues to clear their doubts.

From Insider Gaming they repeat last tweet published hobbya professional player with access to Counter-Strike 2. He showed two images of Overpass, which is latest updated map and added to the multiplayer beta. Clock hands are mentioned and seem to “show the release date of CS2”.

This can be interpreted in two ways, it can be August 5 or 24 of the same month. It would make more sense if it were a later date, as it is believed that Counter-Strike 2 will be released for everyone at the end of summer. This season ends on September 23rd and there are still a few weeks left until the stated launch window.

Detailed information about Counter-Strike 2

Valve is taking steps to protect the future of competitive Counter-Strike 2. As it turns out, Valve wants so that Counter-Strike tournaments do not look like tournaments of your big competitors, riot game. One way or another, the creators of Steam are also making a lot of changes to Counter-Strike 2.

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