Smoked or fresh chop: which is healthier for the body?

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slice It is a very rich and versatile part of pork as it can be fried or paired with other stews.

In addition, there is fresh and smoked chops; so we will tell you which of the two is healthier for the body.

As a rule, the chop comes from pork, which contains macronutrients and about 23 percent fatexplains Spanish newspaper.

“Their proteins are considered to be of high biological value because they contain all the essential amino acids, and also have no significant carbohydrates, despite the fact that the muscles of a living animal contain a small amount in the form of glycogen, which is destroyed during the cooking process,” the newspaper reports.


Which cutlet is better?

Smoked chop is pork products, but it is obtained from the loin, which is thoroughly washed to remove the blood. Subsequently, it is degreased with all the skin and the upper part of the ribs is removed, the group of butchers is detailed.

And to smoke it brine is injected containing water, common salt, sugar, an amino chemical compound-salt, and California seasoning.

In addition, this rich in nutrients and low in fat, Contrary to what one might think, being a product of pig origin.


He has B vitamins such as thiamine and niacin which provide the body with energy and are involved in the formation of red blood cells.

While the fresh chop is rich minerals such as zinc with marked bioavailability compared to plant-based foods, as well as potassium, phosphorus and selenium.


According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, every 100 grams of pork chop contains:

  • 273 calories
  • 16.6 g protein
  • 23 grams total fat
  • 72 milligrams cholesterol
  • 60.4 grams of water
  • 760 mg sodium
  • 14 mg selenium

“Given that a pork chop weighs approximately 150 grams, we would eat about 410 calories per chop‘, refers to El Español.

Thus, both chops are healthy and provide the body with various nutrients; however, smoked meats contain a minimal percentage of chemicals that should be avoided in large quantities._With information from El Español.

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