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Draft on CAC decree reduces per capita gun limit

It will be up to President Lula to allow or prohibit the acquisition of 9mm pistols, a point of contention between the Ministry of Defense (which defends emancipation) and Justice (which defends prohibition).

In recent weeks, businessmen from the region have been marching around Brasília to try to maintain the release of this type of pistol, which was authorized under the government of Jair Bolsonaro. However, interlocutors at Planalto Palace say that, at the moment, the trend is towards restriction.

The degree of lethality of the 9mm pistol is a technical argument for banning its sale. In the political arena, the issue once again pits defense and justice against each other, and there are defenders and opposing voices in Congress. Lula is expected to discuss the matter with aides on Thursday afternoon.

The new decree on weapons was presented by the Ministry of Justice in May. It also received proposals from the Ministry of Defence, which were incorporated into the text. The document undergoes a final stage of analysis at the Legal Affairs Secretariat of the Civil House.

If the government upholds the ban on handguns, the Public Safety Caucus of the Chamber of Deputies will have to submit a legislative project to reverse the decision.

Deputy Alberto Fraga (PL-DF), chairman of the so-called “Bullet Bench”, argues that the ban will have a significant impact on the arms industry.

Despite disagreements on this point, the government’s opposition deputy admitted that he had negotiated with the Ministry of Justice and managed to retain permits, for example, for those who had already acquired pistols in the previous government.

increase in gun registration

In 2018, before Bolsonaro took office, the number of people with CAC records stood at 117,500. That is, 56 Brazilians out of every 100,000 had a firearms license. In 2022, there were 783.4 thousand registrations. This means that, for every 100,000 people, 386 have authorization.

In practice, this means that Brazil won more than 211,000 gun registration certificates in one year.

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