Robert Eggers outdoes himself with Nosferatu

Filmmaker Robert Eggers is determined to push his talents to the limit with his next version of the classic vampire horror film, Nosferatu.

Robert Eggers, best known for films such as La Bruja (2015), El Faro (2019) and El Hombre del Norte (2022), reveals he is pushing himself beyond his creative limits in this long-awaited new project. You are creating a new version of Nosferatu, the classic horror story about the famous vampire.

In an interview with Empire, Robert Eggers shared his experiences on the Nosferatu set, describing it as a challenging shoot. “Anoche we were shooting a scene on a boat with intense rain and hailstorm. The rain deflector, which tries to protect the camera lens, was breaking and clouds were pouring in. I spent the last few days working alone on a boat with Russian marines. I disclosed the director.

The director is known for his meticulous attention to historical detail in his feature films.

His previous film, El hombre del norte (The Northman), an epic tale about Vikings starring Alexander Skarsgård, allowed him to work on a scale never seen before. This experience has helped prepare him for the challenge of Nosferatu. “I am very happy to have done The Northman first and what I learned. I think if I had tried to do Nosferatu without this previous experience, it would have failed!”. Expresso Robert Eggers.

The cast of Nosferatu will include familiar faces from their previous work. Willem Dafoe, who played Thomas Wake in El Faro, will reunite with the director to bring Professor Albin Eberhardt von Franz to life. Robert Eggers couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for working with Dafoe, saying: “Willem is willing to do anything, even if he has to cut off his hand for a scene! It is a great pleasure to work with him. I studied in The Northman and will also be in Nosferatu. I should never have made the film without it!”.

willem dafoe
willem dafoe

Another actor returning to work with the director is Ralph Inson, who will play Dr. Wilhelm Sievers. Ineson previously appeared in Eggers’ first film, La Bruja, and also had a role in The Northman. The part also highlights Lily-Rose Depp, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nicholas Hoult, Bill Skarsgård, Emma Corrin and Simon McBurney. However, his recurring co-star Anya Taylor-Joy will not be present for the occasion.

nosferatu 2022
Nosferatu (1922)

With Robert Eggers at the helm and a cast of talented actors, Nosferatu promises to be an impressive cinematic experience. Will it be able to exceed its own expectations and deliver a vampire version that will captivate fanatics of the genre? We look forward to finding out and, without a doubt, we’ll be keeping up with lots of exciting progress on this long-awaited production.

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