“Quevedo is my brother and a great actor”

Mackel Delacalle is not an artist who follows the rules. Do what you want, when you want, how you want, and this shows code. The canary artist presents his new album, a work with the sound of Milero, which reminds us of MTV, and which There is one composition from top to bottom.

Luxonomist ha podido hubler con el of this new phase of your music, the process of making the disc, and your relationship Quevedo.

Mackel Delacalle presents his new album, the code

The Luxonomist: Presentas Tu Nuevo Disco, code, Much expected work by your followers. How was the creation process?

Maciel DeLuce: It has been the most beautiful and most enjoyable time in my life. It’s not the most ‘mainstream’ sound, but it’s the most Machel Delacal sound with R&B, hip hop and this dosmilero roll. It’s not a sound that’s in fashion, but That’s what I wanted to do. Esto en la industry de la music actual no pasa mucho, It is complicated, because you have to follow the fashion a bit. It wasn’t in my case, so I guess I enjoyed it a lot. I’m really just doing what makes me hungry.

TL: How much does it cost to make a record?

MD: Expressing too many things in too many songs has cost me personally. for example in the song ‘It’s not there’, which is from the Gospel, where I talk about my mother and my abuela. But I think it came alone, it didn’t cost me much because it’s something I’ve been carrying with me for a long time and I’ve been working on this record for three years.

TL: You say on the disc you did what you wanted and this week there was an interview with C. Hang Country Who said: “The more I do with what sells me huevos, the better I get on in life.” Do you also have the same opinion?

MD: That’s what I thought too. In the end, it gives the result you expect, as you want, as you have already done, as you do what you want. I wanted the disco to go like this, it did. When Mere pegue, todo lo his a my manera. In my first songs in 2016, everything was as I had in mind and it worked well, it worked, people loved it. A la jente lo que le gusta es esso, y en este disco lo estoy traendo de Vuelta.

recover the sound of 2000 and mtv

TL: Listening to the record, the sound reminds me of MTV and music from the 2000s. Is this the sound you’re looking for?

MD: Yes, this was what he wanted, and I believe it would have taken him three years to do it by now. because as soon as you heard the theme, there was a producer who could add some more So it takes more than 2000. and I love you. Each song has a different style, there are instrumentals that are Rollo Timbaland with Justin Timberlake, there are instrumentals that are Rollo Craig David… If we go to instrumentals that are more hip hop then there are Rollo MX instrumentals.,

tl: ¿Why the name of the code, That means?

MD: I consider that lo i need los code of los person. And codes are things that are not written and you know how to respect a friend or a friend’s partner. There are codes that don’t need to be understood, because those codes are already there, I believe that codes in life only change us. I walk like that. And what more code would it take to show people that you can make records with the sound you want. El Mayo S L R&B.

TL: Up to what point do you get involved in a song?

MD: I get involved in everything. The instruments are made by the makers, but I sit next to them and play with their keys. All this should be according to my choice and measure. This record he worked on almost entirely with Luppion, my personal producer, who’s a beast. The letters ‘de pe a pa’ make him the only one, the only person I let me interfere with my lyrics and my manager. I am also open to listening to musicians in whatever I do, but as I know I compose very well and the ‘codigos’ wanted me to be their child, so I composed all the time.

Maikel Delacalle and the Canary artist are in fashion

TL: On the record you mention on several occasions the Canary Islands, your place of origin, your neighborhood, something that other artists from there like Quevedo or Cruz Cafune also do. Do you want to get cash from canary talent?

MD: Claro, Yo Levo Nombrando Las Islasenses 2016, San Isidro, Me Barrio… We want to make visible this beautiful land we have. Jay Z speaks from Brooklyn and I speak from Medano, which is down the beach from my house. I believe that talking about places that no one knows about needs to be normalized and known.

TL: Now Canary artists are very fashionable, they have a great relationship and they support each other. Do you believe this is part of your success?

MD: I believe it is so, but it is also due to the climate of the Canary Islands, We’re all cool on the beach, we live on some little island, we’re all united… I also believe that, regardless, that’s why We have seen many singles in Kanarias, And we have to support each other to remove this fura.

TL: With one of the Canarian artists who has the best relationship with Quevedo, with him you collaborate on your record with the song my girl remix, ¿Camo es quevedo fuera de los escanarios?

MD: Quevedo is my brother, he is a great man. It’s a beast on stage and in the studio, it can play with me in the Lakers or the Chicago Bulls, we can be Jordan and Pippen with no problem. But despite this, Quevedo is a great personality, he is a guy like you and like you. Sometimes people are forgotten in the artist’s world, but not anymore. I was glad to meet your mother and some of your family members and they are very nice people.

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