Passion, creativity and lots of pink are part of the daily routine for Barbie doll collectors in Santa Maria

Everyone has a passion. Sometimes for a football team, sometimes for the world’s most famous doll: Barbie. The character has remained a phenomenon since 1959, when he was created.But with the release of the movie Barbie, which premieres on July 20, the color pink gained international recognition. So, just imagine, people who have been collecting toys for years are seeing dolls for the first time on a movie screen through real actors (live-action). Sure, mixed feelings for the little heart Semiramis Corsi Silva, Professor of History at the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM); Assar Arafat Daoud Silveira, a stockist of goods; and physical education professional Cristiano Bianchin.

feature film, directed by American Greta Gerwigpromises to deliver a “real Barbie”, Played by Australian actress Margot RobbieAnd I’ll bet on the details that will bring nostalgia to those who play with the dolls. Furthermore, Greta was inspired by several classic movies, such as The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in the Rain, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, The latter was honored in one of the first trailers for the feature’s release: the classic scene of the arrival of the monolith for primates, which is the hallmark of the process of evolution. In the case of Greta’s film, the character plays a monolith who transforms the lives of the little girls around her.

Thus, for all expectations, references and published excerpts The film “Barbie” became famous all over the world, director managed to reach the audience From doll lovers to card carrying cinephiles, And as loyal fans, the three collectors have already bought tickets to see the cinematographic work, because they just couldn’t miss the opportunity to see Barbie come to life on a movie screen for the first time.

It all started with fashionistas

Professor of History at the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), Semiramis Corsi Silva with a portion of the Barbies from the collectionPhoto: Vinicius Machado (Diary)

For Semiramis, 41, it all started because of a conversation with a psychologist. In 2017, the history teacher was in a very anxious phase, so the expert advised her to take up a hobby. The first attempt was to grow saplings, but it didn’t work out very well. The Barbies also came when Semiramis left the psychologist’s office and went to a supermarket. That day, in one of the aisles of that place, the obsession with the Fashionista line of dolls began.

— this was a collection that started coming in and it was a little different from that Barbie standard: skinny and blonde. then I really liked this, the first line of this line was a curvy doll With pink hair (with more twirls, moving away from the beauty pattern that fits the classic character). After that, it became an obsession, I wanted the red head, the black one, the blue hair, all of them.

Initially, Semiramis collected Playline dolls (made for children to play with), but soon after, branched out into collectibles through a website. doll collector. Teacher’s limited doll collection includes Barbies Cleopatra, played by actress Elizabeth Taylor. So far, the most expensive in his collection is R$800; by New Wave Blondie frontman Debbie Harry. Still others, such as those inspired by singer David Bowie; presenter and drag queen RuPaul; And his favorite: American singer Cher.

scenery, costumes and cher

Photo: Vinicius Machado (Diary)

Collectibles, or rarities, take a special place in the apartment: they are in a hut, so cats don’t drop them or even play with dolls. Those of the Playline line are usually on a shelf in the bedroom or on those shelves that have become homes for all the characters. Semiramis says that every collector has some quirks. For example, she doesn’t care about the box the Barbie came in, or changing into her original clothes. For a teacher, it is important to be able to express the creative side. Some of their characters have names, life stories and even tattoos.Like Raven, the red-haired Barbie who is her companion:

My intention, more than collecting, was to start creating scenery so that I could use my creativity. My mother and grandfather always encouraged me to play with dolls as a child. So I change clothes, dye my hair, get gum tattoos, and I used to Multiple scenarios, such as parties, art exhibitions. I used to party with people I met on Instagram.

Favorite Barbie: Raven Photo: Vinicius Machado (Diary)

Regarding the difficulties of a collector, the teacher comments that, Of course, this is the place. Overall, the collection is 80 dolls, But due to this obstacle, the growth had to be stopped for some time. She jokes that when she moves into another house, she wants a room just for Barbies. In the maybe not so distant future, one dream Semiramis would like to fulfill is to have all of Cher’s Barbies in her collection.

In addition, she intends to have all the old dolls from when she was a child, but the price is high, as they are considered to be classic Barbies from the late 1980s and early 1990s, such as Masked Ball, Doc and Ken Rock (yes, collectors even have the character’s famous boyfriend), The teacher also has the most famous vampire of the movies, Edward Cullen is played by actor Robert Pattinson (now known as Batman).

pink and more pink

Businessman IASr Arafat Daoud Silveira Photo: Nathalia Schneider (Diary)

Cushions, blankets, DVDs of doll animations and, of course, several Barbies, are part of the scenery in the apartment of merchandise dealer Iasar Arafat Daoud Silveira, 31.

Is, as he is fondly called, says he loved the character ever since he was a child.

– I’ll go to my cousin’s house and they’ll let me play with Barbie. I’ve always loved looking at pictures, I used to go to shops and I loved looking at them. As soon as I had the opportunity to save money, I bought my first: a surfer Barbie from the California Girls collection.

Iás is the kind of collector who likes to leave them in boxes, and most of them with the original clothes. But whoever thinks that he never took them out of the packaging is mistaken. The doll is taken out to have her hair styled every time she buys a new one for the collection, in addition to serving as a model to record videos and photos. In fact, according to the collector, the packaging helps avoid dust accumulation and makes them easier to clean.

Playline’s favorite barbie is Fada do Campomovie character barbie fairytopiaFor him, a childhood dream came true. Pink feathers dominate the second shelf of the bookcase.

– It’s a hobby, I like it. I love this character, having met him, watching him, I have always liked him. I got the field fairy through mercado livre, it’s a childhood dream that I managed to fulfill last month, exactly at the time of the monthI report birthday – repository.

Photo: Nathalia Schneider (Diary)

collectable superheroines

Since 2015, Isser started collecting dolls of superhero movie characters like Batgirl, Harley Quinn and your favorites from this collection: Live-action Wonder Woman with actress Gal Gadot, and classic animation (yes, collectors have two Barbies of the character, because the iconic heroine deserves it). This collection gets a special place on the bedroom shelf, next to Batman’s and Superman’s kane. The most expensive in the line is Supergirl, which retails for R$700.

Photo: Nathalia Schneider (Diary)

Overall, the collector has more 200 dolls And he still laughs when he says his mom has more Barbies stored in the house. When he visits her, he usually brings something or the other to make the house more complete.

The latest acquisitions were two Barbies played by the film’s current character, actress Margot Robbie. He says that the expectations of seeing the feature film are sky high. These were purchased from a store in Santa Maria, where the collector has already bought many items for his collection.

My contact with other collectors started through Facebook. We used to talk there, post pictures, put on different looks, hairstyles, different themes and everyone would post their photos.

Currently, Repose has joined the wave of TikTok videos.
profile @iastoy Showcases details of boxes, accessories and clothing, always accompanied by a lively soundtrack.

Photo: Nathalia Schneider (Diary)

avenues of representation

first barbie Cristiano Bianchin, a 40-year-old physical education professional, came for his 31st birthday. Soon after, he would pass by shop windows to find out what was new. One day, he decided to buy two more. Thus began an enormously diverse collection, who now has 37 barbiesIn addition to other similar dolls.

– I always wanted a lot. I didn’t even have one when I was a kid, because I was a boy and it wasn’t common to have a Barbie. It was a dream I had for years. When I started with the first one, it just got bigger.

Physical education professional Cristiano BianchinPhoto: Eduarda Paz (Diary)

For Cristiano, who has been collecting for about 10 years, changes in the aesthetics of the dolls are very noticeable. currently, Barbie doesn’t fit that beauty standard: fair, thin, and blue-eyed. There are black Barbies, with vitiligo, without hair, representing people with disabilities, such as those in wheelchairs and with prostheses., Finally, a diversity that allows today’s children to Feel more represented by the world’s most famous dolls.

He also changed the joints. We can see that superheroines have more muscles, they are stronger. The waist is also not that thin. We have not yet reached the ideal, but we are moving towards it – the collector explains.

Photo: Eduarda Paz (Diary)

The Movie Has “Barbie” Moments

On top of Cristiano’s bookshelf, Like Iásser, superheroines gain prominence. A With her shield, sword and flowing hair, Wonder Woman captures the attention of even those who are not familiar with the world of superheroes. However, physical education professionals do not hide who is the favorite live-action character of mine aquaman, The role played by actress Amber Heard. He points out that the doll doesn’t bear much resemblance to the actress, but the outfit is stunning.

were last received by the collector dark phoenix and batgirl, The collectibles in this line are more expensive, Cristiano recalls that the highest price he ever paid was around R$ 350. The next purchase will likely be the lookalike Barbies from the movie. Cristiano is a collector of sorts who, most of the time, leaves the doll’s original clothing, although accessories occasionally need to be removed, Because of two kittens: Fred and Margot. The animals love to walk around the shelf where the barbies are.

Barbie as Mera from the live-action Aquaman moviePhoto: Eduarda Paz (Diary)

– I’m going to take one of them to see a movie, my friend and I are going to make a fool of ourselves, but I’m still going to see a movie with one of them.

Professionals comment that they have already bought tickets to see the movie more than once, as they have to share it with more than one group of friends. Ahead, He has no doubt that the cinematographic work will be beautiful. He also laughed and said that he would watch more than once, even if only to point out some flaws.

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