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We need to review some pearls to appreciate the good stuff. This time we bring you one of Halle Berry’s regrets

In 2003, after receiving an Oscar for Best Actress for The Last Supper, Halle Berry got her first leading role in Catwoman. Very proud to have participated in a film where a woman has power (in her own words), the actress underwent intense training to convey her character’s feline character through her movements.

If the director, Frans Pitof, had noble intentions: to present a multi-faceted superheroine and avoid sexualizing her (which he couldn’t), it didn’t take long for the production to turn into a disaster.

After passing through the hands of 28 screenwriters, the story distanced itself from the Catwoman created in the 1940s comics by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Selina Kyle is replaced by a character named Patience Phillips, who discovers superpowers when she is resurrected from her own murder on the orders of her employer.

cat woman

The film released in 2004 and was a commercial disaster. With $82 million in worldwide receipts, it fell short of its $100 million budget. Furthermore, Catwoman received negative reviews, calling it one of the worst films ever made.

With seven nominations at the 25th Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony, the feature won awards for Worst Picture, Worst Actress, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay. Contrary to expectations, one of the screenwriters, John Rogers, and Halle Berry went to receive the award in person. The actress then gave a speech full of humour, and did not forget to collect the Oscar statuette that she had won years ago.

With an average score of 2.2/5, Catwoman is one of the lowest rated films of the 2000s by the public on Adorcinema.(

Pitof’s Catwoman can be seen alongside Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt and Sharon Stone HBO Max.

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