Medical investigations of a suspected case of botulism in Malaga due to the consumption of packaged potato tortillas

The Ministry of Health and Consumption of the Junta of Andalusia is examining a case with a clinical situation compatible with Bolutism outbreak associated with potato tortillas packaged and sold in various supermarkets across the country.

Sources from the aforementioned ministry confirmed to Europa Press that the alleged case of bolutism – not confirmed – is 27-year-old resident of Malaga.who presented mild symptoms in early July. He did not need hospitalization.

On behalf of the Council, they highlighted the “fundamental” work of the Surveillance Network, dependent on the General Directorate of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Regulation in early detection possible case.

botulism is serious illness but is relatively rarely caused by toxins produced by Clostridium botulinum. There are three clinical forms of botulism: classical or food botulism, intestinal botulism and wound botulism. All of them cause flaccid paralysis due to the action of botulinum neurotoxin on the neuromuscular junction.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) confirmed last Wednesday four cases of bolutism and two probable ones, among which there will be an Andalusian case, with a general connection of consumption in the previous days. bought a packaged potato omelet in different supermarkets. This body conducts relevant food safety investigations.

The cases have occurred in several Autonomous Communities and the public health services of the Autonomous Communities and cities have been informed through the Alert Report and Preparedness and Response Plans to enhance early detection in case of new cases with suspected botulism, if any.

From Aesan’s side, all available information has been shared with the community contact points so that they can conduct appropriate investigations regarding products that may be consumed in any of the cases.

In at least three confirmed cases and one likely case, the company that makes the tortillas is the same. To date, it has not been possible to establish evidence in either products or processes that link cause and effect. Nevertheless, investigations are ongoing in collaboration with a production company.

For its part, the Palacios Alimentación business group has taken a voluntary decision as a precautionary measure to remove fresh packaged potato omelettes from the Mudrian factory from the shelves of retail outlets, as well as temporarily stop productionas this product has been associated with confirmed cases of botulism in recent days.

The company accepted all necessary measures to identify the possible cause. Health authorities have already tested the facilities four times with positive results.

The business group asked everyone who purchased one of these products (Palacios, Chef Select, Auchan, Eroski, Unide, Consum, DIA, Ametller, Condis, El Corte Ingles, Carrefour, Alipende, Grupo IFA and Rikissimo) to refrain from consuming it and return it to the point of sale where it was purchased, where it will be stored. refunded the amount.

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