Lorena Castell is a bikini-clad goddess and rock-hard in her most spectacular photos of the summer.

Lorena Castell is in her best professional moment. This summer, the singer is performing as a member of “Me resbala” as well as hosting “Vamos a llevarnos bien” on RTVE starting Thursday, July 20th. Added to his professional successyou have amazing shapeleaving evidence of this not only in the videos she often shares of her high-intensity gym workouts, but also in bikini poses, where she has shown that these workouts pay off.

Lorena Castell surprises with her heart attack at 42 while posing in a bikini

At 42 Lorena Castell maintains an absolutely enviable physical shape. After posting in a bikini, the presenter left us shocked as she showed off her accentuated belly. six pack against the backdrop of the sea, and strong and strong legs.

The presenter posted some of her secrets on the network several times. fitness to boast of a great body, exercises with which you do not leave muscles without training, and which we have already taken note of, making sure that the results are obvious. The frog jump is undoubtedly one of his favorites.ideal for strengthening the core and work of the press, as well as for strengthening the buttocks and legs.

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Another one of his unmistakable exercises is donkey kick, a 100% efficient move that works both the hamstrings and lower abs, among other muscles. And the fact is that most of the series that make up his workouts are devoted to off-road movements, with the help of which all the muscles of the body remain active. if you are looking for HIIT complex in the purest style of those followed by Lorena Castellour trainer of the month has the perfect one for you.

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