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July 13

A 24-year-old boy was detained by police along with three others for allegedly driving an electric scooter through a tunnel in Oslo, Norway.

authorities closed the tunnel Celebration (Strength). As per reports, none of the scooter drivers were detained or charged.

According to police, the four tourists followed a GPS-marked route that took them to a 1.1-mile-long tunnel. Group “I used a large section of the pavement”, causing multiple tracks in a very busy traffic center to collapse, added the police.

“Los Detenidos Pidión apologizes. Y luego nosotros los escortamos a la salida”wrote the Norwegian Police Department on its official Twitter account.

central norway dagbladet told that the singer old city street It was one of the members of the group in question, but police did not confirm this.

Apparently, the star published the photos after the incident. With a quick suya de pie en el tunnel, he wrote: “I’m going to jail in Norway”And with an image of you with the police in front of a patrol car, added: “nvm (never mind) they fuck my music (sic)”,

The rapper is in Norway’s capital to perform at the festival slotsfjellWho broke the Ayr Miracles.

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